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Oh, hi!

Oh hey! Hi! It’s me! How are you? I’m good. I’ve opened up a new post here about a bazillion times, only to stare at the empty window and close it again. I just don’t have much to say! But I consider that a good thing! Winter is just so… everything… for me. Its my… Read more »

Exercise Roulette!

My bro and I were trying to think of a little exercise challenge to do. It made me think about how good it is to spread out some activity throughout the day. Sometimes I do what I call “peelates” (pronounced : pee – lah-tees) which is just doing some stretches every time I get up… Read more »

Things, they are a-changing.

I’m not about building suspense here, so let me address my main points first : I AM NOT – • dropping out of any of my Biggest Loser competitions • giving up on my weight loss or fitness goals I AM – • ceasing the Sweaty13 challenge • ceasing my 90 day juice fast •… Read more »

Cycle Coach

I recently went searching for an iPod/iPhone app that would help me learn some Spinning routines to do on my Bike. The positive reviews lead me to Global Cycle Coach which I quickly downloaded for free. I hadn’t realized at the time that while the app was free, but the actual lessons were .99 cents… Read more »

Checking my Homework

Despite being REALLY motivated to complete my assigned homework, it appears I was unable to do so.  Everything within my ability was achieved, though. I worked hard every day, working out at least 2 hours every night. I worked out before and after my training sessions and pushed myself to complete my tasks. The running… Read more »

Flea Market Score!

Melissa and I hit up a flea market in NH this weekend and had a great time!  Great company is not all I found, though!  I also got this beautiful ring for ridiculously cheap. I got a whole set of 4 cake pans for $3. And some super cute owl stickers for $1. And, the… Read more »

Homework Assignments

I haven’t been progressing very quickly with my at-home workouts.  Because I do personal training twice a week, at home I try to do mostly cardio, with some strength training over the weekend. I’ve been getting it in, but I don’t really seem to be improving anything. I work best under supervision, so I wrote… Read more »

When are you an athlete?

ath·lete noun a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill. I am not “gifted” with a physical talent. I do not participate in a sport or game. I am, however, trained in exercises involving physical agility, stamina,… Read more »

I’ll never be able to comprehend how it gets to be Monday so quickly! Last time I blinked, it was still Friday! sheesh! My weekend was spent being sick and doing chores, so I can’t say it was a very eventful one. I did get plenty of laundry and dishes done so hey, success. I’m… Read more »

Colors are my favorite

I made the prettiest juices last night! ORANGE : carrot, red apple, ginger, lemon RED : strawberry, grape, blackberry, grapefruit, red apple GREEN : kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, pea shoots, lime, green apple I wanna make paint out of these colors! (if you don’t already know, I’m pretty much obsessed with color. I love color… Read more »