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Jess’ Vegan Questions!

Thanks Jess, for asking some more Vegan questions! I shall answer them! 1. Any other thoughts you can share about the benefits of going vegan, beyond the environmental and ethical implications? I’m gonna say that aside from ethical and environmental benefits – we’re left with health benefits. And those are VAST. I think I linked… Read more »

The Vegan Q&A

Despite the crickets on the blog here, I’ve still been getting quite a few questions about being Vegan on Instagram, Twitter, and in everyday life! One day, I won’t be so lazy and I will film a video (because talking is always easier than typing!)  but for today… let the typing commence! Here’s some of… Read more »

Roasted Garlic Bliss Pizza (Vegan)

This is not so much of a recipe… as an “idea”  for pizza toppings.  Though, if you treat it like a recipe and make this exact pizza – believe me – you will NOT regret it! Hands down, best homemade pizza I’ve ever made. What’s interesting, is that this pizza is half cheating, half way-too-much-work…. Read more »


Wow, it’s summer time. I’d love to say that I’m here with a fabulous recipe or some fun news to share… but alas, this is me we’re talking about it!  All I can offer you is a random photo dump from my phone… So if you’re interested in what I’ve been eating and doing lately,… Read more »

No Poo

I want to talk about my trials in No Poo! First, for those who haven’t heard of this – No Poo simply means not using commercial shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Why? Typical commercial shampoos strip your hair of so much of the natural oils that your scalp will overproduce natural oils (sebum) to… Read more »

Long Time No See

Hello SweatyPeeps!  I am so sorry for the lapse in posting. I’d like to say it was for a good reason, but it really wasn’t for any reason! This is the  major struggle I have a blogger…  I am boring as heck.  Its just how I roll. I’m going to do an old-school Shannon style… Read more »

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

At the Worcester Vegfest there was a vendor promoting young jackfruit as a meat alternative. They weren’t even selling anything, they were simply putting the word out there!  Well, Joel and I both taste-tested a bite of seasoned young jackfruit on a cracker and holy cow jackfruit it was good! When I looked up recipes,… Read more »

Worcester VegFest

Yesterday, I attended Worcester VegFest, which was according to the website – the largest vegetarian festival in the area.  But in reality – it was all vegan! It was totally free for admission, and parking at a lot nearby was just $5. (street parking was free, but we didn’t want to circle around searching) We… Read more »

VeganCuts monthly box review!

I subscribe to a monthly box called VeganCuts. They offer two products – 1. The Snack Box : Curated vegan snack products. Typically chips/crisps, teas, chocolate, and other edible delights. 2. The Beauty Box : Also hand-picked vegan products but all for your skincare, and beauty needs.  Things like body soaps, makeups, deodorants, and even… Read more »

Vegan Navigating

I was going to a friend’s house for dinner this past weekend.  I’d already informed her that I was eating vegan, but not to make any special accommodations for me. The very last thing I’d want to do is inconvenience someone, but even worse – I would not want to offend someone by not eating… Read more »