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Food & Things

Not too much going on over here these days! I was wracking my brain trying to think of something to blog about and I am sorry to say, I still didn’t think of anything. So you know exactly what that means… random photo dump! I tried out a new Sushi place with my brother and… Read more »

Soup & Spring

So! Today was the final weigh in for the Gym Biggest Loser! My team didn’t win, but we did really well! I ended up with a total loss of 4.5%! I’ll take it! I’ve also been eating some delicious thing lately! I made a raw cauliflower and apple soup that is just phenomenal. This soup… Read more »

You’re Right, Michael Kors

This morning I got this comment : Amen, my brother.  I know this is Spam… unless Michael Kors Bags have fingers and can type… which, for the price of them they should! But really, anybody could have left it and it would have been true! Well, half true. I have never written fantastic. But, the… Read more »

Empty Plate

Last night, I went out to dinner with my family. We went to a restaurant that literally does not have one salad or raw veggie item on the menu. I knew that ahead of time, so I ate some bananas before (and some mangoes after!). My family enjoyed their dinner, and I was just fine… Read more »

Veggie Sushi, and Hip Hop Abs

I wish I could give credit to somebody for this idea that I had today. I know for certain it was not an original idea created in my head, but I don’t recall seeing anything recently, so I just have to say… I had a brilliant idea today.  My idea was to make maki using… Read more »

First Bulu Box!

I recently received my first Bulu Box! I must admit, I haven’t actually tried any of the products yet! It was pretty much 1/2 energy boosting supplements, and 1/2 sleep inducing supplements.  I am a lucky person, in that I am never noticeably low on energy throughout the day, or before workouts. So I promptly… Read more »

Another Snowy Day — SweatyGirl (@SweatyGirl27) March 19, 2013 It’s about 2pm now, and its actually still coming down. My office was closed today, so I’ve been just chilling out by the fire, watching some shows. I just watched the first episode of the new show Bates Motel.  We’ll see where that goes! I just polished off… Read more »

Monday Ramblings

Good morning Monday-Haters, tis time to unwillingly head back to work and start this thing all over again. Mondays also mean Weigh In Day for me (Saturdays, and Mondays, actually) both of which I remained static on.  I’m not mad, I’m not even confused or frustrated like usual.  I changed my diet multiple times over… Read more »

Cornless, popless popcorn!

Ok, it’s just cauliflower. But really, it’s pop-into-the-mouthable like popcorn. It’s salty and flavorful like popcorn, and it’s as versatile with seasonings like popcorn! Now, I’ve got nothing against popcorn, it’s low calorie and so freakin tasty. But since I am eating mainly raw and staying away from grains right now, an alternative sounded nice!… Read more »