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Sad Decision

You guys! I am really bummed! My shoulders and neck are still super painful, and I am unable to move my head without a remarkable amount of ouchies. My calf, as well, is taking its sweet sweet time in healing. This is not why I am bummed. I am bummed because I have to cancel… Read more »

The answer is weight loss.

The question?  What is – something that is not happening right now. I haven’t been losing weight.  Thank the baby Jesus, I haven’t been gaining, either.  But definitely have not lost so much as an ounce in the past month or so. I’m not as frustrated as usual.  My frustration usually comes on strongly when… Read more »

Dr. SweatyGirl

I’ve been having a fun time perusing the 200 MRI images taken of my right shoulder. The good news is… I don’t see anything glaringly wrong. The bad news is… I’m not a doctor! I have no idea what I’m even looking at!  But, it never ceases to amaze me how freakin cool it is… Read more »

Doctor’s Appointments

Good morning! I just got back from my first appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon!  This appointment was for my shoulder pain, as well as my new-ish calf pain. So, first up was the x-rays. Which is awesome… I love looking at x-rays and scans. It is so crazy to look at these bones in a… Read more »

Back to Business!

The rest of the weekend was wonderful! I loved having Friday off from work, because when I woke up on Sunday it felt sooo nice having that extra day.  Sunday was gorgeous. The most perfect weather you could ever want. Sunny and warm, with a cool breeze.  I love being able to just open up… Read more »

I’m Crafty

I am coming to you live, from a comfy bed on the tippy top floor in a Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester, NH! Melissa and I are attending a two-day Scrapbooking convention! Neither of us traditionally scrapbook, but we do paper crafts a lot! So there’s been much oohing, awwing, and many dollars flying! Melissa’s… Read more »


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!  I know you missed me Of course you all know, life around these parts has been nothing short of insane for the past week. I cannot say anything that hasn’t already been said about the bombings, so I won’t really try.  But when they say that nothing will ever… Read more »

What’s New?

I am ready for this week to be over already, and Wednesday hasn’t really even started yet. I received a hefty amount of bad news this week and my mind is definitely on those things. I also woke up on Sunday with some kind of eye problem, and so I’ve been on antibiotics and off… Read more »


Sweet Zevon has a very handsome face. But sometimes, when he falls asleep, his lips go all jabberwocky, and he ends up looking like this : He’s ridiculous, and I love him! Both pups had a nice day yesterday, it was warm out, so I went into the yard to clean up some big branches… Read more »

Collard wraps

I made my first ever collard greens wraps tonight! I took the giant leaves and stuffed them with some cabbage, radish, carrot, sugar snap peas, and mango. I rolled them into little bundles and dipped them in my homemade dressing. Soo, were they everything I hoped for? Ehh. They taste just fine, but the texture… Read more »