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Great Barrington

Every year for Joel’s birthday I take him to a different town or city to explore. This year, it was Great Barrington, MA.  It was great, indeed! We had a wonderful time, of course. Great Barrington is up in the mountains, directly next to New York. So it took us just about 2.5 hours to… Read more »

My 2 Room Weekend

It was HOT this weekend. I mean, really hot.  Though, bear in mind that I am a baby about the heat. I sweat and sweat and I don’t stop (hence, the name!) Its very uncomfortable, for sure! We have an AC unit in our bedroom so we can sleep cool. Joel has an AC unit… Read more »

Eating What I Want

So, I bet you’re wondering… what does a SweatyGirl eat, when a SweatyGirl can eat whatever she wants?! No? Ah well, I’m going to tell you anyway. To be honest, so far, I’m a bit shocked. Not at what I am choosing to eat, but rather how much of it I am choosing to eat…. Read more »

My Dad

My Dad is the best, so I am really glad that he gets his own day that we can celebrate that fact! I’d like to tell you about my lovely Father’s Day.. and I will! But first, lets go back a little further to Saturday! On Saturday, my brother, sister, and I went to Joe’s… Read more »

More blathering about balance.

I certainly received a wonderful reception to my latest epiphany of easing up on myself.  Thank you, everyone for your comments and encouragement. It is always hard to admit when something you’re putting your all into just isn’t working.  Despite the effort, determination, and faith in it. I enjoyed being strict, and being revered for… Read more »

Flowery Weekend

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I certainly did! Productive and enjoyable – the best kind!  My Mother’s Day gift to my mom was a promise to get her all of her plants for her deck, so I made good on that this weekend. We went and looked at all… Read more »


Did you know that my car’s name is Midnight Smoothilicious? True story. (Old photo, obviously – snow!) Despite the name of my car, I’ve never been a huge smoothie fan.  I love my juices, and of course I love a creamy calorie-laden blended coffee drink, but I always thought I preferred to eat my fruit… Read more »

Ok, world. We’ll try it your way.

If you’ve been on the dieting scene for any amount of time then you’re well aware of the fads and scams, the myths and truths, and all of the assorted opinions on what works for weight loss. And “everybody knows” the tried and true way to lose weight : calories in vs calories out, everything… Read more »

From 2 to 4

You know how my new goal is to lose 2lbs per week? Yeah… so I GAINED 2lbs this past week. Now I have 4lbs to lose this week! Woops!  I’m not mad, either. I had an awesome time at the wedding and ate 2 cupcakes! We ate at a Brazilian place, and I made french… Read more »

Happy Birthday!

Ok, I know I call you Little Baby Adam, but you’re not a little baby anymore! 22 today! Happy Birthday Adam! You’re the smartest, wittiest, most kind-hearted 22 year old I’ve ever known… and hey, *I* was 22 once! and only getting better with age! Have a great day today, and a fabulous 22nd year!