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Things that do, and do not suck.

Let’s start with the crappy, ’cause it’s better to end on a nice note! Things That Suck. • Injuries. – I am not so pleased to announce that my soleus (calf) sprain is back in full force. I actually thought it was gone. I had about 2 weeks of no pain or cramps… and then,… Read more »

Rice & Beans

I’ve heard of rice & beans as a meal forever, but as a bean-hater I’ve never tried it. In the past few years I have come around to beans.  They aren’t my favorite food, but it seems as though I’m enjoying them more and more. I wanted to make a quick, healthy, and filling dish… Read more »

Mish Mash

Well, hello there! Let the mish-mash begin! 1. A couple tasty, easy, and healthy meals. 1 mini can of vegetarian baked beans 2 pieces Ezekial toast pile o asparagus 1 large cut up cucumber w/vinegar and dill The whole meal was insanely filling, delicious, and approx.  370 calories lavash filled with – hummus, asparagus, arugula,… Read more »

Whoa, Houseiversary

I know how annoying it is, but I am just one of those people.  The people who can’t believe how time has passed. Who is always wondering how it got to be the day/month/year that it is. I can’t fathom how children grow and change, and how many years it is has been since certain… Read more »

Now that Summer is over…

Last summer, Joel and I discovered the best walking trails for the dogs. We went every weekend, the dogs were getting fitter and so happy! I just couldn’t wait to go all summer long again this year.  And then I injured my calf and, as you know, it took over 7 months to heal. It… Read more »

Stuff, and Things

I’m sorry that this isn’t a real post. It’s one of those – oh crap, I haven’t posted in awhile kind of posts. It’s just that things are pretty quiet on the Diet & Exercise front.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While camping, I certainly ate a little bit of everything. I did eat… Read more »

My body will never be the same

Literally! Cause I got a new tattoo! I got a beautiful feather, designed just for me, and executed perfectly by the tattoo artist. It’s been nearly ten years since my last tattoo and my age made me a little more nervous than before… What if I was allergic to the color inks? What if the… Read more »


Well, I’m back! I had a really great 5 day vacation… and I can’t say I am thrilled to be back! I think maybe a day or two more would have been perfect. But isn’t that always the way? We go camping up in the Berkshires,  Savoy Mountain State Park in Florida, Massachusetts. The same… Read more »

Celebrity Boyfriends

Let me say… it is no secret that I have many husbands and boyfriends. Many a dreamy celebrity man has been claimed by me. I got to visit with one of those lucky men last night.  My sister and I went to a Matchbox Twenty concert (I actually can’t remember how many we’ve been to,… Read more »

Sad Corgi & First Change to Diet

I had a nice weekend. Though it felt extremely short.  How does that happen? Time, man. Its a freakin mystery! I spent Saturday with Melissa crafting away!  And this happened : Fro Yo!  So good. I got a lot done on my crafty projects and of course, had a great time with my BFF! I… Read more »