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My delicious vegan birthday

Last night I finally celebrated my birthday with my family! To mark the occasion my mom made a glorious meaty cheesy lasagna for the family. I came up with my own concoction. It was a real experiment, but it came out wonderfully! Butternut Squash & Spinach White Lasagna A creamy lasagna made with veggies and… Read more »

Life Lately

Hello my friends!  I’m sorry its been a long hot minute since I updated.  It’s been a busy week, for sure. I’m sorry to say that Joel’s Grandfather passed away late Monday night. Fortunately, Joel did make it out to Ohio to see him. He wasn’t able to be awake, but I am sure it… Read more »


Oh, Halloween! The magical day of candy candy candy! Its a pretty hard one to navigate. Especially if you go to school or work where there is candy GALORE all around you! My very basic advice for staying healthy on this day? Maintain your regular schedule. Eat a typical healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Skip… Read more »

Ahhh! I’m on a Podcast!

I am so lucky to have been invited as a guest on the Lifestyle Accountability Show, hosted by the Bate brothers. Today, it’s up live!! Ahh!  Here it is! I think these guys are awesome! They are so genuine and great to work with. I can’t wait to hear the rest of these daily… Read more »

Florida Birthday

I’m going to keep this post pretty simple! We had a really lovely week in Florida on vacation. This time we decided to not plan out many things. We just wanted to focus on relaxing and doing whatever we wanted! Things started out a little rough when we arrived, the air conditioning wasn’t working (and… Read more »

Tofu & Mushrooms

Here we have some more adventures in vegan dining! I wanted to use the smoked tofu and the king oyster mushrooms that I bought at the Asian market, but I did not want to make stir fry. I have a weird relationship with stir fry, where I LOVE making it and then hate eating it…. Read more »

Mushroom & Sage

Whoa, my dinner was delicious! I made some red bliss mashed potatoes with chives from my garden and lots of garlic. I made a fantastic mushroom gravy to go on top! I made it based on this recipe : It was super easy. I sautéed onions, garlic, and fresh chopped sage leaves with mixed… Read more »

HMart Haul

I’ve been looking for some frozen durian fruit for awhile now, and my searches brought many recommendations for H-Mart. H-Mart is a large Asian grocery store. Oh my gosh, it is about 20 times larger than the mini-marts nearby! They have EVERYTHING! I was squealing and pointing down every aisle! The produce was unbelievably fresh… Read more »

Jar to Table

I bought some of this :   And, I don’t know why I can’t just open a jar, pour it on some rice and call it a day… But I just can’t leave a thing alone!  I turned that jar into an indian feast and a very messy kitchen. Into the sauce went – cauliflower,… Read more »

Ups & Mostly Downs

I’ve been really excited about the 3 week challenge I orchestrated at work… I had many grand ideas and plans for workouts and classes and really energizing, motivating things! Then in a beautiful stroke of bad timing, I got sick! I got a cold, which is fine… annoying, but no biggie. Worse than that, which… Read more »