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I just got back from a quick 4 day trip to the beautiful state of Michigan! Overall, it was a really lovely trip! It took about 12 hours travel time each way, which was not ideal, but not terrible by any means. Joel and I were there visiting his Dad (Tracy) and Stepmom (Robin).  So… Read more »

Long Time No See

Hello SweatyPeeps!  I am so sorry for the lapse in posting. I’d like to say it was for a good reason, but it really wasn’t for any reason! This is the  major struggle I have a blogger…  I am boring as heck.  Its just how I roll. I’m going to do an old-school Shannon style… Read more »

Detox Day 3

Well, it’s the last day of the Detox phase! That was a quick and easy 3 days. The next two days are a “fade-out” plan, to easy my body back to my regular diet. I’ll do my thoughts on the detox as a whole when it’s all done. So, moving on! BREAKFAST Sweet potato porridge. … Read more »

Detox Day 2

Yesterday went well. Tasty food, plenty of energy for my workout, and I went to bed full and happy. Today, is Day 2! BREAKFAST I thought – You, quinoa salad… are going to be the blandest of the bland… But OH. I was wrong.  This was delicious. Seriously. I new super easy favorite that I… Read more »

Detox Plan…

I love YouTube. It’s true. There’s beauty vloggers, comedic people, and nutrition experts. There’s something for everybody.. and everything for me! One of my many subscriptions is to a beautiful young woman named Heather. She is a very knowledgeable Registered Holistic Nutritionist and she’s also super likeable.  Last week, she posted a new video stating… Read more »

Alien Abduction

My body is weird. We know that by now.  But lately, it’s been stranger than usual.  All of last week, I had bruises over both ankles.  No clue how they got there. But they were all the way around both legs, like I was doing this  : I mean, maybe I was. Yesterday morning, I… Read more »

Thanksgiving and Then Some

Well well well! It’s been over a week! I’m sorry for my lapse in posting. It was, of course – Thanksgiving. Joel was away, work is busy, and then I was sick. Now, magically, it’s December all of a sudden. Christmas decorations are abundant and I have no idea where it all came from. Typical… Read more »

The First Ham Eaten…

To decide the winner of the Yubu lunchbox, I set up all the names and a piece of ham for each one across my kitchen floor. My brother funneled Chai into the center of the half circle. Whichever ham she ate first was the winner! You don’t get the whole scope of the video, so… Read more »

GIVEAWAY!! SweatyGirl Lunchbox!

Ooooh, you know you want one of THESE : What is it? Oh, it’s just an adorable SweatyGirl lunch box… no big deal. Ok, it IS a big deal. Look at it! I got one for me, and I got one for you. This lunch box is made by Yubu, and personalized by Zazzle.  The… Read more »

Conflicting feelings, staying motivated, and photodump

I am really the queen of conflicting emotions. Somehow I’m always able to feel epically motivated and devastatingly lazy at the same time. I can feel fat as heck, but strong and healthy at the same time. I don’t know how this is possible, but it’s just me. I think maybe it’s always been my… Read more »