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Wow. What a year this one has been. It sort of seemed like any other year, until I really thought about what happened in 2015. Here are some highlights and lowlights of 2015! In no particular order (well, in mostly chronological order) but, y’all know how bad I am at remembering dates! Joel and I… Read more »

This Summer (photos)

Florida Had to wear this brace on my ankle every day in Florida. Still wearing it now. And ugh, still hurts! Didn’t stop me from enjoying the beach and this glorious pool! Joel and I went to my fave place in Naples. The Loving Hut! All vegan menu! Getting dressed up for a fancy dinner… Read more »


And mid-November at that! What the heck!? I see that my last update was back in August. *gulp* Melissa and I were chatting about our blogs yesterday, and I was saying that every time I get the urge to just cancel my service/delete the site I simultaneously get the urge to make a post. Figure… Read more »

Survey Update : Nearly May!

Making: Cards! CKC Manchester (scrapbooking convention) was last weekend and Melissa and I had an awesome time as always!  We take classes and shop our wallets off. All the new items and ideas really make me flood with inspiration. So I’m anxious to get in my craft room and make more stuff! Cooking: I’ve been… Read more »

Well. Awesome.

I just clicked PUBLISH on a SUPER long post. And it got lost. Thanks WordPress, you dick! I love you all, but I’m not typing it up again.  But I’d like to say HI!  I’m still here, and I’m feeling motivated lately. Ready for Spring, and ready to start actively trying to lose weight again…. Read more »

2015 : More & Less

I’m not really making New Year’s Resolutions… but I was thinking about what 2015 will need more and less of… in order to make it an even better year than 2014. (and 2014 was a good year!) 2015 NEEDS LESS – • Frozen • Weighing myself • Worrying • Tonsilitis • Shoulder & knee pain… Read more »


Some things have always irked me. And I realize that these things make me seem like maybe I am a very elderly robot impersonating a humanoid, but I feel like some things have lost their actual meaning and are now misinterpreted. For instance – 1.  You’re fat.  Naw, actually – you HAVE fat. One cannot… Read more »

Well, hello?

Damn, you guys… Where have you been?!!? Ok.. I know.. you’ve been here all along! But then, where have I been? Well, the usual! It’s my busy time at work right now, slowing down soon. So that leaves little time for posting. I also find that the less I obsess over my weight… the less… Read more »

No Frankenfoods Challenge

I survived a week of no processed foods! It was easy, but hard at the same time!  Easy in that – I like simple, whole foods. It’s not difficult for me to eat them.  The hard part was definitely the convenience factor. We had some plumbing issues at home during the same week… so there… Read more »

Survey Update!

I swear, I’m working on content ideas. I’m just so… boring right now, I’ve been accidentally neglecting this. Anyway, I saw a survey, and what better way to force an update – than with prompts! Here it goes, then! Making: Plans for even more birthday celebrations. Somehow my being born entitles me to numerous amazing,… Read more »