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The Great Closet Clean Out.

“But, when I am XXX lbs, this will fit and look SO cute…” Such is my thought nearly every time I entered my closet. Clothes hanging up, clothes piled up, clothes in bags auspiciously marked with goal weights that I think I will be when they will fit. Talk about surrounding myself with unattainable goals… Read more »

Vegan Resources

First, a notice  – I am not putting any graphic images in this post. However, some of the videos and sites I am linking to will most likely contain graphic material. You’ve been warned!  So, I’ve had some friends (and strangers!) express curiosity about Veganism. Some, have even gone so far as to ask me… Read more »

Exercise Roulette!

My bro and I were trying to think of a little exercise challenge to do. It made me think about how good it is to spread out some activity throughout the day. Sometimes I do what I call “peelates” (pronounced : pee – lah-tees) which is just doing some stretches every time I get up… Read more »

SweatyGirl’s Guide to Menu Planning

I’ve actually gotten quite a few requests for this post recently, so, here are my suggestions, tips, and tricks to meal & menu planning! Pre-Planning : Create Cheat Sheets Acceptable Food List Before you start to plan your meals for the week, first plan out what your overall diet will be like. Do you want… Read more »

From the Archives – Tips & Tricks

This an updated re-post from a very old post I made on my old blog! But with the start of the competition at work, I’ve been asked for some SweatyGirl tips for weight loss. So, I thought bringing this back for the new folks might be nice! Food, Cooking, & Portion Control • Chew gum… Read more »

I’m a nerd.

Ok, so… I like to be organized. I like to plan things. I like making charts and lists. I’m a nerd, and it’s OK! I’ve been feeling a little disorganized and less than motivated lately so I decided to make a meal plan for next 4 weeks. After that, I realized I needed a place… Read more »

Homework Assignments

I haven’t been progressing very quickly with my at-home workouts.  Because I do personal training twice a week, at home I try to do mostly cardio, with some strength training over the weekend. I’ve been getting it in, but I don’t really seem to be improving anything. I work best under supervision, so I wrote… Read more »

How to have a good Monday

I’ve only just started this Monday morning, but I can tell it’s going to be a good day.  How do I know? ’cause I’m setting it up that way! How do I start a good morning? Step One : Feast your eyes on something cute. DONE.   Step two : set out your workout clothes… Read more »

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean its for me.

You’re sitting in your office, happily typing away when you hear it. It. The rustling of a wrapper. A package being opened. It’s coming closer, but you try to ignore it while your mind wanders thinking of the possibilities. And then… your worst fear and your biggest dream are realized all at once. You want… Read more »

Danger Approaching!

In just 2 short days, I’ll be heading out to sunny Florida for a week long vacation! I thought that instead of just doing a vacay recap when I return (you betcher sweet bippies that will be happening as well, though!), it might be good for ME to do a how-to-survive-vacation post BEFORE I actually… Read more »