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Vegan Favorites

Don’t get excited, SweatyGirl is not coming back But, someone on a forum asked me recently what my favorite meat replacements are, because they were struggling with gout (ouch!) and wanted to try and wean off of real meat to help. I took the time to write out all my favorites, and I realized it… Read more »

No Poo

I want to talk about my trials in No Poo! First, for those who haven’t heard of this – No Poo simply means not using commercial shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Why? Typical commercial shampoos strip your hair of so much of the natural oils that your scalp will overproduce natural oils (sebum) to… Read more »

VeganCuts monthly box review!

I subscribe to a monthly box called VeganCuts. They offer two products – 1. The Snack Box : Curated vegan snack products. Typically chips/crisps, teas, chocolate, and other edible delights. 2. The Beauty Box : Also hand-picked vegan products but all for your skincare, and beauty needs.  Things like body soaps, makeups, deodorants, and even… Read more »

Jawbone Up

I have no idea why I bought the Jawbone Up bracelet… I’d been intrigued by the Nike Fuel band since it came out, but not quite enough to buy one. And then I saw the Up and for some reason I was really attracted to it! It does all the cool things that my old… Read more »


I’ve been loving the heck out of my new veggie spiralizer! I have enjoyed that zucchini spaghetti multiple times since I discovered it. The only other thing I’ve tried so far is cucumber spirals.  I used a different blade for this, and it made the cucumber into one long continuous strip of tasty. I splooshed… Read more »

A site you’ll love –

NutritionFix is a new online store with over 5000 health & wellness products but it also has a sweet little underbelly – a community forum for like-minded people.  Genius!  I love anything that has a sense of community, resources, and products all in one place. I perused through their fitness accessories, which has a little… Read more »

Magical Sparklies

Remember how I won a couple Sparkly Soul Headbands in a blog giveaway? They said they were guaranteed to stay put on the head, even when working out and I said – bullcrappers! such a thing does not exist! I received them yesterday, and tried one out at the gym tonight. And. Oh my gawd… Read more »

Restaurant, Rambling, Running.

Good morning fine people! Somehow it got to be Monday again. Don’t you ever wonder how that happens? Evil black magic is my guess. I’m feeling good after finally sleeping this weekend.  Though, I am now desperately overdue for an eye exam, and it’s causing me some discomfort. You see,  I’m legally blind (which is… Read more »

My after Christmas, Christmas.

Now that Christmas is officially over, I thought it was finally acceptable to buy myself something! A few somethings, actually.(I’m not saying you forgot, Santa, I’m just saying… I’ve been a really good girl!) First of all, I really wanted/needed a camera case for my new camera. It is remarkably beefier than any camera I’ve… Read more »