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Orange pulp experiment

I am often asked what I do with the pulp from my juicer. The answer, is that I toss it in the garbage.  The entire point of juicing is to separate the juice from the fiber, so there isn’t much left nutritionally in the waste bucket.  Some people use it in their compost and gardens… Read more »

The ever elusive lean mean green monster machine

Everyone who makes juices or smoothies has heard of something called “The Green Machine” “The Mean Green” “The Green Monster”  etc, etc. There is no standard for the ultimate green juice/smoothie recipe.  Someone might make a sugar & fat smoothie, toss a handful of spinach in and call it a Green Machine, while someone else… Read more »

Sunny D

I’ve discovered the natural way to make Sunny D! Accidentally, of course.  I made a juice, I sipped the juice, I filled with the thrill of a million suns! It looked and tasted just like Sunny D! When I was a kid, I LOVED Sunny D. But it was kind of expensive (and very sugary!),… Read more »


I did it! I made one more recipe from my list! Spinach/Zucchini Manicotti This actually didn’t take too much effort or time to make. I think I made it start to finish in about 15-20 minutes. There are three parts : 1. The “noodle” – slice zucchini thinly. (I used a mandolin, but a knife… Read more »

Chi chi chi CHIA!

Lunch today was quite delicious! I poured myself some juice I made last night. It was just straight up berries! I call it, Antioxidant KaPow! Catchy name, I know! With my juice I made a quick Chia Pudding.  This stuff couldn’t be easier to make, and honestly, couldn’t be more filling!  If you’ve ever had… Read more »

Nutty Lettuce Wraps

This evening I went to Whole Foods, and picked up all the ingredients I’d been unable to find at my regular grocery store. (Hooray for hippies!) This meant I could make my first recipe! I was going to make the collared green wraps, but they didn’t have collared greens that looked good enough to eat… Read more »

Raw Challenge

You know I love a challenge . . .  I also feel like I am in a cooking rut. Sometimes, I am enthusiastic about getting in the kitchen and creating a new dish. Other times…  After doing the juice-only fast, and then whisking myself off on vacation, and then having no electricity… my culinary… Read more »

I like my food nice and relaxed…

… and that is why I massage my salad! More specifically – Massaged Kale Salad! I’ve noticed that quite a few lovely blogging ladies enjoy massaging their kale (get your mind out of the gutter!) most notably – Fitnessista, and Kristin. (Fitnessista even insists that if you sing to it at the same time, it’s… Read more »

Easy, pho sho’ !

Pho soup is a Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth is typically a wonderful combo of seasonings such as cinnamon, star anise, ginger, onion, cardamom, coriander, fennel and clove.  All this deliciousness made even easier by purchasing this hot little number at Whole Foods : I poured some of that into a pan, and added some… Read more »

Drink Your Wheaties!

Wheat grass, that is! I made my first batch of wheat grass juice. The plan is to drink a small glass of it every morning. I could just add it to my juices, but I don’t want them all to end up tasting the same (I like variety!) so I’ll just chug a little bit… Read more »