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Creamy Avocado Sauce

I tried a new recipe last night. A very simple one that uses avocado as a creamy sauce for pasta. In general, I really don’t like warm avocado, but as a sauce, I figured it was worth a try! It was super simple, and seriously good!! This is definitely being added to my dinner repertoire…. Read more »

Dressing Up

I really enjoyed Tracy’s  dressing recipe so much I was going to make it again. But then, I wanted to be creative! So, I pulled out all ingredients that I had thought would be good in dressing. I decided I would make two different dressings. A cilantro lime one, and an orange ginger one. The… Read more »

Preppy Sunday

On Friday, I made my meal plan for the week. To go along with it, I made my grocery shopping list and my prep list. My goal was to pre-cook any of my prepared foods for the whole week. So all of the meat that needed cooking, and any of the veggies that I wouldn’t… Read more »

Tofu lettuce wraps

Today’s lunch meal was a super easy egg bake with tomato, spinach, and onion. I paired it up with a salad. Dinner, which I just finished, was really fantastic. I bought some baked teriyaki tofu at the Natural Market today and I knew right away I wanted some lettuce wraps. So I sliced up a… Read more »

Pomegranate Lime Chia Drink

Ok, so you already know that I love Chia Kombucha, it is bubbly, sweet, tangy, and blorpy globular goodness. In short, it’s definitely an acquired taste (and texture!).  It’s also very expensive.  Now, if you’re also acquired this taste (congratulations, welcome to the club!) but want a make-at-home substitute, I’ve found one! Keep in mind… Read more »

A Great Dressing

I found this recipe for what was being called “the best dressing in the whole world!” So, naturally, I had to try it! Ingredients: 1/2 cup nutritional yeast (must be nutritional yeast, other yeasts do not work!) 1/3 cup water 1/3 cup tamari or soy sauce (I used Braggs Amino) 1/3 cup raw apple cider… Read more »

It’s Possible…

to create a delicious and healthy meal for a guest! (and not have that guest hate you and get a pizza on the way home) Last night, I went over to Adam & Drew’s house for dinner. They’ve been trying to eat lighter to stay trim for their upcoming wedding, so I was warned that… Read more »

Yum! Frittata!

Today is Day 4 of the ShanBob Diet, and that means – food! This one photo sums up Days 1-3 : So last night I prepared my recipe for a crustless, cheeseless quiche (aka, frittata!) It couldn’t be more easy to make. It is super low in calories, high in protein and veggies and hey,… Read more »

Summer Rolls & Mmmm Sauce

I’ve had some rice paper wraps in my cabinet for awhile now, and finally yesterday  I was inspired to bust them open.  I knew I wanted to make some easy and fresh summer rolls, but then I thought – whatever will I dip them in?! Oh dilemma. Dilemma solved – Mmmm sauce!!  I’ve been reading… Read more »

Zucchini is the new spaghetti

A few weeks ago, Groupon was selling a vegetable spiralizer for fourteen bucks and I could not resist. Last night, I finally had the opportunity to try it out.  I wanted to make a zucchini spaghetti dish, similar to the Rawicotti I had made before (and loved so much!) I decided to wing it this… Read more »