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Vegan Favorites

Don’t get excited, SweatyGirl is not coming back But, someone on a forum asked me recently what my favorite meat replacements are, because they were struggling with gout (ouch!) and wanted to try and wean off of real meat to help. I took the time to write out all my favorites, and I realized it… Read more »

No Poo

I want to talk about my trials in No Poo! First, for those who haven’t heard of this – No Poo simply means not using commercial shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Why? Typical commercial shampoos strip your hair of so much of the natural oils that your scalp will overproduce natural oils (sebum) to… Read more »

VeganCuts monthly box review!

I subscribe to a monthly box called VeganCuts. They offer two products – 1. The Snack Box : Curated vegan snack products. Typically chips/crisps, teas, chocolate, and other edible delights. 2. The Beauty Box : Also hand-picked vegan products but all for your skincare, and beauty needs.  Things like body soaps, makeups, deodorants, and even… Read more »

Vegan Caviar? Who’da Thunk It?

I went searching for a healthier (and cheaper!) non-dairy cheese than Daiya. Of course this means that I ended up on some giant on-line store for vegans. Whoa. I am a simple minded girl I tell you. When I see something I haven’t tried before I WANT IT. I want to try ALL OF THE… Read more »

Jawbone Up

I have no idea why I bought the Jawbone Up bracelet… I’d been intrigued by the Nike Fuel band since it came out, but not quite enough to buy one. And then I saw the Up and for some reason I was really attracted to it! It does all the cool things that my old… Read more »

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day. One of those days where I never checked my email or looked at my phone. I didn’t think about my to-do list or work. I played hooky from the office and spent the day with my wonderful ladyfriend Bumbles and her beautiful baby. We shopped and lunched and chatted… Read more »

Cycle Coach

I recently went searching for an iPod/iPhone app that would help me learn some Spinning routines to do on my Bike. The positive reviews lead me to Global Cycle Coach which I quickly downloaded for free. I hadn’t realized at the time that while the app was free, but the actual lessons were .99 cents… Read more »


I’ve been loving the heck out of my new veggie spiralizer! I have enjoyed that zucchini spaghetti multiple times since I discovered it. The only other thing I’ve tried so far is cucumber spirals.  I used a different blade for this, and it made the cucumber into one long continuous strip of tasty. I splooshed… Read more »

Flea Market Score!

Melissa and I hit up a flea market in NH this weekend and had a great time!  Great company is not all I found, though!  I also got this beautiful ring for ridiculously cheap. I got a whole set of 4 cake pans for $3. And some super cute owl stickers for $1. And, the… Read more »