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Dealing with a chronic illness : a lesson from my dog

If you ever ask me questions about my illness, or dealing with chronic pain… I will always tell you that the hardest part is “finding balance” Living in bubble wrap & pain killers isn’t really all that fun. But having fun leads to more pain, and more downtime. So… how do you find that balance?!… Read more »

It’s Official! EDS diagnosis

I have known (assumed) for 3 years now that I have a genetic disease called Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. But a few weeks ago I went into the Brigham & Women’s Adult Genetics Center in Boston to meet with some Genetic Specialists to get my official diagnosis.  The appointment was easy, and mostly painless. They took… Read more »

Things, they are a-changing.

I’m not about building suspense here, so let me address my main points first : I AM NOT – • dropping out of any of my Biggest Loser competitions • giving up on my weight loss or fitness goals I AM – • ceasing the Sweaty13 challenge • ceasing my 90 day juice fast •… Read more »


So, you know how I wrote this post? Well, I got some really great comments on it, most notably, one from a first time visitor Christine who left me this comment (Christine, I truly hope you don’t mind me repeating your comment here) : “Please _do_ listen to your body or you could end up… Read more »

My Body is a Big Ol’ Baby

Wow, my knee hurts. Like, the normal hurt times about 150. Yeah, ouch. I’m glad I got a good workout out of it last night, but today I am really paying the price. I still have a pretty tough time deciding when to protect myself and when to push through. Sometimes I just want that… Read more »

Climbing Out of a Rut

It is clear from the previous fluff posts (hehe, I should call myself the Fluffington Post) that there isn’t much progress being made over here. I am most definitely in a rut. I’ve been so frustrated lately. I feel as though my body is just breaking down. I haven’t been able to run, squat, burpee,… Read more »

Dealing with Chronic Pain

I’ll warn you ahead of time – this post has no point to make. I’ve been wanting to write about living with chronic pain for a long time, but honestly, I’m not sure I have anything insightful to say.  So I am just going to ramble. Here’s one of my theories about life : Everybody’s… Read more »