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Friday night my Gym held a Holiday Social for all the clients. I love seeing people in non-workout clothes and real shoes! It looks so strange seeing the Trainers in actual pants. I went over early and helped decorate. I made these paper bows by hand, using Melissa’s handy template! Upon arrival, guests were prompted… Read more »

Dealing with Chronic Pain

I’ll warn you ahead of time – this post has no point to make. I’ve been wanting to write about living with chronic pain for a long time, but honestly, I’m not sure I have anything insightful to say.  So I am just going to ramble. Here’s one of my theories about life : Everybody’s… Read more »

There’s a rump on my pillow.

Today, actually – right this very second – My mom is on the surgeon’s table, getting her (second) knee replaced! Naw, I’m not nervous or worried. This is my mom’s.. uhh two-hundred and thirty thousandth surgery I think, and her follow through is impeccable.  She’ll be better than new in short time!  But please feel… Read more »

A lovely day

Thanksgiving at the SweatyFamily’s house was another success! I woke up nice and early to have time to prepare my portion of the meal. Prepped green beans while watching Boy Meets World. Multitasking! After my chores were done, it was off to my parents house, where we feasted like kings. My mom is an incredible… Read more »

New Hairdo

Gots my hairs did before Thanksgiving. I love it! Before : brown yawn. During: And 3.5 hours later… (man, I forgot how long bleaching takes!) Red on top, platinum underneath! Like strawberries on a biscuit. Diggin’ it.  

Giving Thanks

Having a secure job that I actually like. I work with amazing people, in a fun environment, and I enjoy my work. Awesome Friends. Friends near and far that always accept, love, and entertain me! Pups. My dogs drive me nuts sometimes. But I love them beyond words. I am thankful to have Z still… Read more »

Introducing Tako – The Sweatopus!

^^ Look up!! As you can see, SweatyGirl has a new mascot!^^ My friend and co-worker Matt so super duper generously created this artwork for me! He hand drew it, based on a crappy sketch I made on a post-it note. I am so happy with how she came out! I hope you think she… Read more »

11 Questions

I was really wracking my brain this morning… knowing that I wanted to put up a post but realizing that I had zero news.  I guess an ‘injury’ will do that to ya. I had the entire week off from the gym. I found that I felt totally 50/50 on it.  It is a mystery… Read more »

My Horizontal Weekend

Apparently, my body is  confused. You see, I just turned 31, but for some strange reason, it thinks I am actually 61. Or whatever age you are when you can say “ooh mah back went out!” ‘Cause that is what happened. I didn’t do anything to it. I just woke up on Thursday morning, felt… Read more »


My department was in charge of throwing the Halloween party at the office. Unfortunately, it did fall just following our dear friend Sandy’s unwelcomed visit. But we did what we could and I think everyone had a nice time. Here’s a few photos! We did a horror trivia contest, a pumpkin decorating contest (I was… Read more »