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Diet Update, First Week

Well well well! Its has now been a week of my new “diet”.  Meaning I’ve been eating a 99% raw vegan diet of 1,800 calories daily. Those of you friends and long-time readers know that that is a very high typical caloric intake for me… so of course I was fearful upping it so much. … Read more »

Dear Fruit, I love you. And I want more of you.

Fruit and I have a long and sordid history together. Fruit has always been my most favorite food group. I used to ask for my Easter basket to be full of fruit instead of chocolate.  Quite frankly, And if you’ve been following me for a long time, you might remember that fruit and I have… Read more »

Stinky Sardines

I know, I know, I eat “gross things”, hell, I even wrote a post about it! But despite what you think, my lunch was perfectly delicious to me! I had a can of sardines, 2 large carrots, and another pomegranate lime chia drink! The sardines are for (you guessed it!) omega 3’s and protein. The… Read more »

Things, they are a-changing.

I’m not about building suspense here, so let me address my main points first : I AM NOT – • dropping out of any of my Biggest Loser competitions • giving up on my weight loss or fitness goals I AM – • ceasing the Sweaty13 challenge • ceasing my 90 day juice fast •… Read more »

When no one is watching.

I spend too much energy worrying about what other people must think of me. Not so much in the middle-school way of worrying about my clothes or appearance or being a little weird. We’re all a little weird, it’s cool!  My worry is that people think I am a sham. A liar. A hypocrite. I… Read more »

Sunday Soupy Sunday

Well, this weekend went by remarkably fast! I’m sitting here now, hoping that all my Biggest Loser competitors were good and healthy over the weekend… but really, I hope I am the week 1 winner! We shall see tomorrow! I did some good things today. 1. I caught up on all my laundry, including sheets… Read more »


So, you know how I wrote this post? Well, I got some really great comments on it, most notably, one from a first time visitor Christine who left me this comment (Christine, I truly hope you don’t mind me repeating your comment here) : “Please _do_ listen to your body or you could end up… Read more »

My Body is a Big Ol’ Baby

Wow, my knee hurts. Like, the normal hurt times about 150. Yeah, ouch. I’m glad I got a good workout out of it last night, but today I am really paying the price. I still have a pretty tough time deciding when to protect myself and when to push through. Sometimes I just want that… Read more »


No, not the flu (thank goodness!) but the Biggest Loser Vibe! For the past week my office has been bustling with healthy recipes and workout talk. I freakin love it! I’ve overheard more conversations this week that were about food, exercise, health, and motivation than reality TV. And for my office, that is really saying… Read more »

Catfish – My Story!

Have any of you seen the movie or TV Catfish? It is SO good. The movie (its a documentary) is about a young man named Nev (who is adorably likable). Who through all normal events becomes friends with a whole family on Facebook. In this family is a beautiful woman Nev’s age, and the two… Read more »