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I’ve been tagged! Alpha Survey

I’ve been tagged by Janetha to do this survey. And thank goodness, because I love surveys (more than one should) So here it goes! A. Attached or Single? Attached! Joel and I are almost at our 10 year anniversary! (January) No, we’re not married. No plan to be. B. Best Friend? Of course I’d have… Read more »

You start by letting go.

I’m sorry for the sporadic updates. That seems to be what happens when you’re trying not to obsess over what you’re eating!  I think blogging about food is probably just as much a disorder as anything else! But damnit, I like it. So then, where am I at? Well, my main focus right now is… Read more »

Happy Things

So, I’ve been doing a LOT of this : Like, a lot. Yesterday my impossible sleepiness finally turned into a cold. Joy!  Just in time for the wedding this weekend!  So I decided to treat this germy bitch with a hefty dose of vitamin C! Yeah, that is 30 ounces of pure OJ! If that… Read more »


And just like that… another week is gone! It’s going to be a busy week, this week.  At the very end of it – on Sunday – I’ll be officiating a wedding and omgeez I am getting nervous!  But very excited. I’m not a super weddingy person, but seeing a best friend get married to… Read more »

Why So Selfie?

I have always, always hated having my photo taken. I know a lot of people do. It’s a self esteem thing, of course. For me – the older I got the worse it got. I became more and more aware of how I looked in photos and it was something I really wanted to avoid. … Read more »


Okie doke people! I’m back from the doctor’s office! In his words : “it’s not good… but its not terrible!” I’ll take it!  Essentially, I’ve got a multitude of small tears throughout my rotator cuffs along with chronic tendonitis in the surrounding areas. I’ve also got worse arthritis than they thought (not worse than I… Read more »

Healing & Patience

I knew, being my Mother’s daughter, that my life would most likely consist of a steady cycle of injury and healing.  When friends ask me about my Mom, their question is not “how is she?” but rather – “what’s she healing from right now?” and “when is her next surgery?” So, from an early age… Read more »

No Exercise Week

What a strange week it was, last week! Because of my eyeball issue I was told no exercise for a week. I have to say, that I haven’t gone a full week without working out in… I don’t even know… about 5 years. So this week felt really weird. First of all, oh my gosh,… Read more »

My Hippie Rant : Coexisting Diets

As you all know, I have tried every diet there is. I have read books and research papers about the body and different ways of fueling it. I have spoken to doctors, personal trainers, naturopaths, and nutritionists. I have done the same diet as my friend and we’ll have exact opposite results.  And therein lies… Read more »

Cleaning Out

I am not a neat person. I am not naturally organized in any way. So it’s odd that being organized and clean makes me feel good. I actually feel….healthier…when my kitchen is clean. I feel more productive and restful when my bedroom is clean. But it is definitely a struggle for me to keep it… Read more »