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Long Time No See

Hello SweatyPeeps!  I am so sorry for the lapse in posting. I’d like to say it was for a good reason, but it really wasn’t for any reason! This is the  major struggle I have a blogger…  I am boring as heck.  Its just how I roll. I’m going to do an old-school Shannon style… Read more »

Getting to know all about youuuuu

The last thing you guys need is to learn more about me. But hey, I love surveys, and I haven’t much else to talk about right now, so… why not?! I stole this little number from A Daily Dose of Fit So, lets do this! 1) What is your favorite movie and why?  I can’t… Read more »

New Rules to Live (and Eat) By

So! My consultation with Heather is still going well!  I completed the 4 day alkaline cleanse, and now I’m emailing back and forth with her regarding changes I can make to my everyday diet. It does feel a little bit like splitting hairs at this point. I can only refine my diet so much, before… Read more »

Worcester VegFest

Yesterday, I attended Worcester VegFest, which was according to the website – the largest vegetarian festival in the area.  But in reality – it was all vegan! It was totally free for admission, and parking at a lot nearby was just $5. (street parking was free, but we didn’t want to circle around searching) We… Read more »

Life Lately

I live an enjoyably boring life, don’t you know? It’s true! You ask me what’s up? I will tell you, my dogs are being cute and also asshole-ish. I ate something delicious. I watched a movie. The end. Same answers for the past 10 years.  Why I keep a blog, I have no idea! But… Read more »

Another Fluff Post. Don’t judge me.

I love surveys.  I even fill out those ones at restaurants that you get with the bill. So of course when my favorite ladyfriend posted this one, you know I couldn’t help myself! I am absolutely overwhelmed with stuff right now and haven’t had time to make anything crafty to share in weeks, so here’s… Read more »

Quick Video – Smoothie Supplements

Just a short video about some of the things I add to my smoothies. My smoothie essentials are always – • fresh or frozen bananas • fresh or frozen fruit (anything! but faves would be peaches, mangoes, pineapple, and berries) • fresh greens, specifically spinach or kale. Some extras as seen in my video would… Read more »

Blogger Survey

It’s time for a fluffy fluff post!  I’m stealing this survey from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.  Here it goes! The Blogger Survey What was your go-to food or snack as a child? I loved hot dogs. And even worse : I loved them cold.  So I would eat 2 cold hotdogs for breakfast pretty… Read more »

Salt Junkie

I seem to have made a pretty easy transition into a plant-based diet. I feel quite comfortable with it. I’m enjoying the heck out of my meals and navigating the restaurant circuit with little difficulty.  So now comes the tweaking. I had my yearly physical last week, and Yay! I’m still alive! I even spoke… Read more »

Moving the Focus

Imagine that you were born with a large, dark birth mark across your face. A painfully obvious, even distracting disfigurement.  Imagine that every night before you went to sleep you’d wish and hope with all your might that you’d wake up in the morning having had it magically disappear. That you’d be normal. . . … Read more »