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It’s Official! EDS diagnosis

I have known (assumed) for 3 years now that I have a genetic disease called Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. But a few weeks ago I went into the Brigham & Women’s Adult Genetics Center in Boston to meet with some Genetic Specialists to get my official diagnosis.  The appointment was easy, and mostly painless. They took… Read more »

Florida Highlights

This was my fourth annual Naples trip!  So we’re finally winding down from the OMG MUST DO ALL THINGS kind of vacation to the Hey Now, Let’s Just Chill kind of vacation. There was one HUGE bonus to this year’s vacation, and also one big let down. The bonus – MY SISTER! Joel and I… Read more »

The Food of Florida

I’m back from my week in Naples, Florida! I’ll do a couple posts about it… but this one will just be about the FOOD! I ate some pretty fabulous things over the week. I forgot to photograph some of it, but here’s some highlights. My snack on the plane. Dinner at Columbia Restaurant in St…. Read more »


You know what?  I love camping. Man, I really do love camping. I love the views, the sounds, the eats!, and oh.. the smells!  Clean dewy mountain air is an incredible smell.  The water there tastes like liquid heaven – and I hate water! I love hiking, and I love the prospect of seeing wild… Read more »

Weekend : The Motivation Murderer

You’re on point all week, right? Got your food all planned and prepped. You’re drinking your water at your desk. You’ve got your workouts scheduled. Smooth sailing! Then, hey now… it’s FRIDAY! Whatcha got planned? Whatcha got prepped? Oh, nothing? That’s right… nothing. I wanna wing it, I tell myself. I want the freedom to… Read more »

Jess’ Vegan Questions!

Thanks Jess, for asking some more Vegan questions! I shall answer them! 1. Any other thoughts you can share about the benefits of going vegan, beyond the environmental and ethical implications? I’m gonna say that aside from ethical and environmental benefits – we’re left with health benefits. And those are VAST. I think I linked… Read more »

The Vegan Q&A

Despite the crickets on the blog here, I’ve still been getting quite a few questions about being Vegan on Instagram, Twitter, and in everyday life! One day, I won’t be so lazy and I will film a video (because talking is always easier than typing!)  but for today… let the typing commence! Here’s some of… Read more »


Wow, it’s summer time. I’d love to say that I’m here with a fabulous recipe or some fun news to share… but alas, this is me we’re talking about it!  All I can offer you is a random photo dump from my phone… So if you’re interested in what I’ve been eating and doing lately,… Read more »

{Not} Believing I Can Do It.

I watched a girl walked across a parking lot. I watched her walk in her skinny jeans on her skinny legs. Her body moved quickly and with ease, as if no air was displaced by her. It seems to me that thin people aren’t affected by gravity. Perhaps those high heels are weighted to just… Read more »

No Poo

I want to talk about my trials in No Poo! First, for those who haven’t heard of this – No Poo simply means not using commercial shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Why? Typical commercial shampoos strip your hair of so much of the natural oils that your scalp will overproduce natural oils (sebum) to… Read more »