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Oh, hi!

Oh hey! Hi! It’s me! How are you? I’m good. I’ve opened up a new post here about a bazillion times, only to stare at the empty window and close it again. I just don’t have much to say! But I consider that a good thing! Winter is just so… everything… for me. Its my… Read more »

Daily Dozen

I recently read Dr. Greger’s book How Not To Die. It was really great. That guy is amazing, he has done so very much for the nutrition world and for FREE. Even all profits for his book are going to charity. He genuinely cares about people, about prolonging their lives, and enhancing their health. It’s… Read more »


Thanks for looking back at 2015 with me. What a year! It’s time to look ahead now! I’m not going to be making any resolutions this year. And I am not going to make any weight loss goals. Despite gaining weight over this past year, I feel like not obsessing over a goal, and not… Read more »

Dealing with a chronic illness : a lesson from my dog

If you ever ask me questions about my illness, or dealing with chronic pain… I will always tell you that the hardest part is “finding balance” Living in bubble wrap & pain killers isn’t really all that fun. But having fun leads to more pain, and more downtime. So… how do you find that balance?!… Read more »

Camping 2015!

I just got back from my favorite trip of the year! Camping! This year was just as wonderfully uneventful as always! As camping should be! I took way fewer pictures this year, and decided to soak it in instead. But I took a few for you! The Big Indian.  This 30 ft dude is a… Read more »

Life Lately

This is just a little snapshot of my life lately… if you follow me on instagram, none of this is new. But hey, enjoy anyway, will you? My hair is purple! It’s been getting a lot of attention out and about, but I really like it. I’m trying to be extra nice to my hair,… Read more »

The Great Closet Clean Out.

“But, when I am XXX lbs, this will fit and look SO cute…” Such is my thought nearly every time I entered my closet. Clothes hanging up, clothes piled up, clothes in bags auspiciously marked with goal weights that I think I will be when they will fit. Talk about surrounding myself with unattainable goals… Read more »

Farm Sanctuary Visit

Hi! This past weekend I visited Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon, Massachusetts. A Farm Sanctuary is a place where abused, neglected, or saved-from-slaughter farm animals can live out their days safely. A few examples would be Cassie, the dairy cow who was being retired from dairy (meaning, sent to slaughter), she launched her 1,200lb body… Read more »

Recent Eats

Of all the variations of the Vegan diet, I like the Starch Solution the most. I’m pretty sure I’ve done posts on it before… but the gist is – your body literally runs and thrives on carbs. Everyone knows that by now, I think! The Starch Solution is based off of the extensive research of… Read more »


For most people, the way you eat is a reflection of how you want to live your life in general. Do you scream out YOLO!! and eat anything and everything you want? I mean, you could die any day… should you eat what makes you happy in the moment with little regard to health? Or… Read more »