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I’ve been wanting to sign up for a CSA for a couple of years now (ahem, which is pretty much only as long as I’ve known what they are) but I simply haven’t had the guts. Would I get a dump truck size pile of potatoes one week and a boat load of turnips the… Read more »


Maybe it’s a bit masochistic to make a post about food when I am eating so little of it. But maybe writing about it will make me feel like I am shoveling it into my mind-gullet.  So, let’s take a little food survey, shall we? Favorite ethnic foods! I could eat Japanese food all day… Read more »

Restaurant, Rambling, Running.

Good morning fine people! Somehow it got to be Monday again. Don’t you ever wonder how that happens? Evil black magic is my guess. I’m feeling good after finally sleeping this weekend.  Though, I am now desperately overdue for an eye exam, and it’s causing me some discomfort. You see,  I’m legally blind (which is… Read more »

Workin’ on it : Foodtography

January 1st, and I’m already starting out on my first resolution! I want to start working on my food photography. The main problem with this is that… I’m not eating much food lately (it’s mostly juice!) So, poor Joel will have to deal with some over-styled slightly cool food for awhile. The biggest thing I… Read more »

New Chobs, say what!

Excuse me? Who neglected to tell me that there is a new Chobani flavor?! Sheesh! While shopping today, I spotted a new friend on the shelf – Passion Fruit Chobani! Oh, man! I haven’t been eating yogurt at all lately, but I will always make an exception for a new flavor! And the verdict? Delicious!… Read more »

The Pie Screams.

I am a compulsive overeater. Like anorexia or bulimia, it’s an eating disorder. And like the strongest sufferers of these disorders, I like to consider myself in “recovery”. I haven’t cured myself. I will always, always struggle with food. I will forever have a “broken brain” when it comes to eating. Because I’ve been so… Read more »

Posting Fiend. Leftovers!

Sorry to max out my blogging quota for the day, but I just wanted to show you pictures of my tasty lunch! I used my leftover manicotti ingredients to make a lasagna Super delicious. But so. so. so garlicky that I am offending myself. Sometimes, I am jealous of myself!

Chi chi chi CHIA!

Lunch today was quite delicious! I poured myself some juice I made last night. It was just straight up berries! I call it, Antioxidant KaPow! Catchy name, I know! With my juice I made a quick Chia Pudding.  This stuff couldn’t be easier to make, and honestly, couldn’t be more filling!  If you’ve ever had… Read more »

How’d I do on Turkey Day?

So, how’d I do? followed the plan! I brought a beautiful salad and ate just that. I was not sad about missing out, and I didn’t feel yucky in the belly like I normally would. The color is not enhanced on those pics, either! That’s just how bright and fresh this beast was. I made… Read more »


I just scarfed down this beautiful beast for lunch. It is : arugula, golden beet, honey crisp apple, radish, and sprouts. The dressing is lemon, avocado oil, Braggs, and garlic (masterly mixed by Bry himself!) It was indeed as delicious as it looked. What did you have for lunch?!