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Mish Mash Lunch

My lunch today is what Joel always calls a stereotypical Shannon “Mish Mash Healthy Plate”, which pretty much means a mélange of unrelated foods, smooshed together on a plate. Today was 2 eggs (w/hot sauce), 1 whole tomato (w/dressing), 1 cup of sauerkraut, and a banana! I was pretty well stuffed after this mess, so… Read more »

Breakfast for Dinner

Can’t go wrong with a little breakfast for dinner, I say! Usually, for me, that would mean eggs & toast. Oh my god, I love eggs & toast! But not tonight. Tonight I made wheat berries in coconut milk with blueberries. I had my wheat berries pre-cooked and pre-portioned, so I plopped a 1/2 cup… Read more »

Stinky Sardines

I know, I know, I eat “gross things”, hell, I even wrote a post about it! But despite what you think, my lunch was perfectly delicious to me! I had a can of sardines, 2 large carrots, and another pomegranate lime chia drink! The sardines are for (you guessed it!) omega 3’s and protein. The… Read more »

Pomegranate Lime Chia Drink

Ok, so you already know that I love Chia Kombucha, it is bubbly, sweet, tangy, and blorpy globular goodness. In short, it’s definitely an acquired taste (and texture!).  It’s also very expensive.  Now, if you’re also acquired this taste (congratulations, welcome to the club!) but want a make-at-home substitute, I’ve found one! Keep in mind… Read more »

Salmon & Greens

Not the prettiest meal, but super delicious! I took about 3 large handfuls of baby mixed greens (kale, spinach, collard, mustard) and steamed them in lemon juice. I added the salmon that I pre-cooked to the pan and covered it for just a couple minutes which heated the fish perfectly without drying it out! Perfecto…. Read more »

Things, they are a-changing.

I’m not about building suspense here, so let me address my main points first : I AM NOT – • dropping out of any of my Biggest Loser competitions • giving up on my weight loss or fitness goals I AM – • ceasing the Sweaty13 challenge • ceasing my 90 day juice fast •… Read more »

From the Archives – Tips & Tricks

This an updated re-post from a very old post I made on my old blog! But with the start of the competition at work, I’ve been asked for some SweatyGirl tips for weight loss. So, I thought bringing this back for the new folks might be nice! Food, Cooking, & Portion Control • Chew gum… Read more »

It’s Possible…

to create a delicious and healthy meal for a guest! (and not have that guest hate you and get a pizza on the way home) Last night, I went over to Adam & Drew’s house for dinner. They’ve been trying to eat lighter to stay trim for their upcoming wedding, so I was warned that… Read more »

There’s a rump on my pillow.

Today, actually – right this very second – My mom is on the surgeon’s table, getting her (second) knee replaced! Naw, I’m not nervous or worried. This is my mom’s.. uhh two-hundred and thirty thousandth surgery I think, and her follow through is impeccable.  She’ll be better than new in short time!  But please feel… Read more »

A lovely day

Thanksgiving at the SweatyFamily’s house was another success! I woke up nice and early to have time to prepare my portion of the meal. Prepped green beans while watching Boy Meets World. Multitasking! After my chores were done, it was off to my parents house, where we feasted like kings. My mom is an incredible… Read more »