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Dreamy Salad

I used to hate anything sweet in my salad. No fruit or nuts, or sweet dressings. But the older I get, the more I can appreciate some real variety in my salad. I saw my coworker/friend Kris (Hi, Kris!) eating her beautiful salad of field greens with strawberries and I got a little jealous! So… Read more »

Dear Fruit, I love you. And I want more of you.

Fruit and I have a long and sordid history together. Fruit has always been my most favorite food group. I used to ask for my Easter basket to be full of fruit instead of chocolate.  Quite frankly, And if you’ve been following me for a long time, you might remember that fruit and I have… Read more »

SweatyGirl’s Guide to Menu Planning

I’ve actually gotten quite a few requests for this post recently, so, here are my suggestions, tips, and tricks to meal & menu planning! Pre-Planning : Create Cheat Sheets Acceptable Food List Before you start to plan your meals for the week, first plan out what your overall diet will be like. Do you want… Read more »

Apple Carrot Cake

Oh, don’t worry.. I didn’t go off the deep end and eat a carrot cake! This is a raw vegan snack that I found via EasyToBeRaw. It is a very simple recipe, all you need is : apple, dates, carrots, cinnamon, a food processor, and a knife. I put 2 medium carrots (chopped), 6 dates… Read more »

Meal Dump

I’m working on a big meal planning post that I hope you guys like! But in the meantime, I’m just gonna leave a few recent meal photos here! I’ve been super satisfied with my recent foods and I lost 3lbs last week, so just maybe the food likes me, too! Lettuce wraps, OF COURSE. Shrimp,… Read more »

Creamy Avocado Sauce

I tried a new recipe last night. A very simple one that uses avocado as a creamy sauce for pasta. In general, I really don’t like warm avocado, but as a sauce, I figured it was worth a try! It was super simple, and seriously good!! This is definitely being added to my dinner repertoire…. Read more »

Dressing Up

I really enjoyed Tracy’s  dressing recipe so much I was going to make it again. But then, I wanted to be creative! So, I pulled out all ingredients that I had thought would be good in dressing. I decided I would make two different dressings. A cilantro lime one, and an orange ginger one. The… Read more »

Preppy Sunday

On Friday, I made my meal plan for the week. To go along with it, I made my grocery shopping list and my prep list. My goal was to pre-cook any of my prepared foods for the whole week. So all of the meat that needed cooking, and any of the veggies that I wouldn’t… Read more »

Tofu lettuce wraps

Today’s lunch meal was a super easy egg bake with tomato, spinach, and onion. I paired it up with a salad. Dinner, which I just finished, was really fantastic. I bought some baked teriyaki tofu at the Natural Market today and I knew right away I wanted some lettuce wraps. So I sliced up a… Read more »

Yum times a thousand

Ahh, my favorite low cal dish of all time. The geniusness that is zucchini spaghetti! I spiralize the zucchini into noodles, add crushed tomatoes and bam! Spaghetti! This time it was zipped up with onion, garlic, basil, and green olives. 226 calories all together! (126 if you forgo the olives. But why, oh why would… Read more »