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In defense of Vegetables

At my office, us ladies have a super secret confessional board. Rule #1 of the Confessional Board is that you don’t talk about the Confessional Board.  Today, I’m breaching.  Last week we wrote our goals for the week on the board, and someone’s goal was “to eat at least 1 vegetable a day” Whoa. At… Read more »

Recent Recipes and Vague Goals

Last time, I talked about how I’m not really making any New Year’s resolutions. This is true!  But as I am still adjusting to eating a mostly Vegan diet, I do have a few little things I’d like to keep in mind as I make food choices. I can see, now, how it is possible… Read more »

Veggies are Yum

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been eating a vegan diet this week. It started out accidentally, then I got curious as to what I could eat if I were truly vegan. I even went out to eat a couple times, which was… interesting! It seems as though being vegan while dining out is remarkably more… Read more »

Dinner out of a jar.

I’ve never found a pre-made tikka masala sauce that actually tasted good. They always tasted like marinara sauce with curry powder in it. But I got brave and decided to try another one. After I really liked the Rogan Josh sauce from the same brand, I decided to try the Maya Kaimal brand Tikka Masala… Read more »

Herb Garden Inspiration

Though it’s not exactly growing at the speed of light, I do have usable herbs in my garden already and I’ve been excited to use them in the kitchen. Salmon salad was on the menu for last night, so I figured out a way to kick it up a notch with some fresh herbs! The… Read more »

Mystery Solved

When I went to the Asian Market looking for durian, but ended up with lychees… I also bought a mysterious looking fruit. It was green and shiny and had a cute little coozy on it to keep it safe. I thought maybe it was a sapote or a guava, but really had no clue. I… Read more »

Shrimp & Pak Choi Udon

I had searched all of Googledom to find a tasty looking recipe to use my baby pak choi (aka bok choy) in. I found a really delicious sounding one, I wrote down the ingredients and then, I lost the dang thing. So I got pretty much all of the ingredients I needed but made up… Read more »

Pineapple Fried Rice

This recipe is vegan, but obviously not raw! I had a lot of fresh pineapple chunked up and waiting to be eaten, so I thought something warm with it would be nice.  I haven’t made a fried rice in years… I actually wasn’t sure I still had a wok. But indeed, I did! I found… Read more »

Healthy Living Survey

I really enjoyed this survey as taken by And since I am a dork and love taking surveys, I thought I would do it, as well! You can too! Here goes! 1.  What did you eat for breakfast? This morning I had 2 pears at 8am, 2 bananas at 9am, and I just finished… Read more »

Diet Update, First Week

Well well well! Its has now been a week of my new “diet”.  Meaning I’ve been eating a 99% raw vegan diet of 1,800 calories daily. Those of you friends and long-time readers know that that is a very high typical caloric intake for me… so of course I was fearful upping it so much. … Read more »