About SweatyGirl

Who am I, and why am I so sweaty?!

Let’s start with the basics!

I swear she's not that big!

My name is Shannon.  I am 31 years old. I was born, raised, and still currently residing in Massachusetts. I had a wonderful childhood with amazing parents, and two siblings. I have a supremely supportive and perfect boyfriend of 9 years named Joel.  I am raising 2 doggies – Chai (corgi) & Zevon (silly mutt).

I work in the production department (aka: the creative part!) of a magazine, where I’ve been for over 11 years. I am a hugenormous music fan, of all genres.  I also love movies, food, and getting in shape!

Ok, that’s it for the personal ad portion :-)


Here’s the short version of my “Journey” -

I have been overweight my entire life.  At the time of the birth of this blurb, I have lost 55lbs and I have 67lbs left to go.  I have been working with a personal trainer for over 3 years, and really giving it my all!  I don’t want to just get skinny, I want to be strong, fit, and healthy! And in the end . . . I want to use my knowledge and success to help others to achieve their goals.
Despite doing everything right, the weight is coming off extremely slowly. I get very frustrated at times, but I truly believe that sticking with it is my only option. I am VERY motivated.

As of August, 2011. I have now lost 77.5lbs!
I have fit into my first pair of size 14 pants!

I started out at a 22/24!

So, why so sweaty?!

I made myself this shirt when I hit 50lbs lost! I was proud to sweat right through it!

As an overweight person, I’ve always been self-conscious about sweat.  It’s a stereotype—the fat girl who is sweating from just walking across the room.  Groooossss! Well that was me. That IS me. I’m a sweater.

The first day I went to personal training at the gym, I was afraid to sweat. I started to sweat and apologized for it. My trainer at the time, a wonderful woman named Heather told me over and over that “SWEAT IS GOOD”  She’d say that seeing my sweat meant she was doing her job. And that if I wasn’t sweating, I simply wasn’t working hard enough.

If Sweat = Hard Work.
and Hard Work = Good
then Sweat = Good!

Math was never my strong suit, but that was an equation I could get behind!
And so, I embraced it, and became a sweaty, sweaty girl!

I want people to embrace the hard work, embrace the sweat and be proud of every little droplet that your body rewards you with.