Oh, hi!

Oh hey! Hi! It’s me! How are you?

I’m good. I’ve opened up a new post here about a bazillion times, only to stare at the empty window and close it again. I just don’t have much to say! But I consider that a good thing!

Winter is just so… everything… for me. Its my busiest time at work, most stressful time with the holidays, but also the most pathetic time for health & fitness. I think its pretty natural for all of us to have a bit of seasonal affective disorder. We’re not supposed to be out and about and functioning throughout the winter. We should be cuddled in a cave, sleeping, keeping each other warm, and reserving our energy! Right?

I have a hard time getting up out of bed in the winter mornings (so dark!). I have a hard time wanting to eat raw fruits & veggies (so cold!), and I have a hard time being super motivated to put on some exercise pants (so, UGH!).

But let me tell you, as soon as our crazy work time at the office is done, and SUN COMES OUT. I feel so motivated! I feel like getting organized and brushing the dust off of everything. I know I’m not alone there!

I started working with an online fitness & nutrition coach. It hasn’t even been a week yet, so I can’t really say one way or the other how it’s going. But just the excitement of starting something new is so intoxicating. Daydreaming about potential progress is something I am very good at, and it keeps me excited and sticking to the plan!

If you want more consistent updates on me, and you don’t already – follow me on Instagram.

But if I have any progress to report, I am sure I’ll do it here, as well!



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