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I recently read Dr. Greger’s book How Not To Die. It was really great. That guy is amazing, he has done so very much for the nutrition world and for FREE. Even all profits for his book are going to charity. He genuinely cares about people, about prolonging their lives, and enhancing their health. It’s pretty inspiring.

Now, I won’t be doing a review of the book or anything, but here’s a good review I found if you’re looking for one.

I did buy 2 additional copies as gifts, if that gives you any indication of how much I liked it!

This is all a set up to talk about a component of Dr. Greger’s vision of the perfect human diet : The Daily Dozen.

The Daily Dozen are 12 food types that you should incorporate into your meals every single day. He even made a very simple free app to help you track them.

Here’s the Daily Dozen :

1. Beans (3 servings)
2. Berries (1 serving)
3. Other Fruit (3 servings)
4. Cruciferous Vegetables (1 serving)
5. Greens (2 servings)
6. Other Vegetable (2 servings)
7. Flaxseeds (1 serving)
8. Nuts/Seeds (1 serving)
9. Spices
10. Whole Grains (3 servings)
11. Beverages (5 servings)
12. Exercise


My first thought was.. oh, I got this. I eat most of that stuff daily already… I don’t typically eat any nuts or flaxseeds, but his research on those items are indeed compelling, so I’m going to try to work them in.
It probably seems obvious to you… but a surprise to me – it is harder than I thought!
I’ve been tracking and intentionally trying to reach 100% for just over a week now. I’ve maxed out at 89%!
I think it’s going to take some meal planning to achieve 100%. But I’m gonna do it! Dr. Greger eats like this every day of his life. So it must be doable, and eventually – second nature.

The greens and the flaxseeds seem to be the hardest for me to work in. I love greens, but in the winter, I don’t want cold salad… which leaves cooked spinach, kale, or collared greens. I also like those, but not something I want to eat every single day. I think I’d be sick of spinach after day 2 or 3!

I think I need to get back to making a smoothie in the morning! I can put in the greens, flax, fruits, and berries, all in one shot.

I’m going to work on getting that perfect 100% day, and I’ll share with you what that looks like. In the meantime… have a look at that list… compare it with your daily eats.. how does it look?
I used to worry more about what I am NOT eating (meat, dairy, oil…) than what I AM eating… plenty of antioxidants, essential vitamins, and fiber. Time to combine those two and see how it goes! I can’t say its not fun having a goal that asks you to eat MORE, and more variety!

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