Thanks for looking back at 2015 with me. What a year! It’s time to look ahead now!

I’m not going to be making any resolutions this year. And I am not going to make any weight loss goals. Despite gaining weight over this past year, I feel like not obsessing over a goal, and not weighing in constantly was a win. YES, I still want to, and need to lose weight. But I believe now that there is a way to do it without getting obsessive and subsequently burnt out over it.

I won’t be changing much. I’m going to be sticking a little closer to the Starch Solution model of eating. Which is high-carb, low-fat, low processed foods. Lots of healthy starches like potatoes, corn, grains, legumes, and starchy veggies. Lots of greens, watery veggies, and fruits, as well!
Its the basis of how I eat now… but I let overt fats and processed foods creep back in on me. So, no more cooking with or topping with oil. No fried foods. No processed vegan meats or frozen dinners. Just clean eats… but balanced.  I can have some of that stuff sometimes, just not at home, and not as often.

Going out for dinner is where I struggle. My friends live all over the place, meeting somewhere in the middle to eat is just what we do. So I end up eating out once, sometimes twice a week. Vegan options at (non-ethnic!) restaurants usually means either salad, or french fries! In the cold weather, I don’t have to tell you which of those I’m more likely to choose to eat! Making better choices when going out to eat, therefore, will be a focus for me.

At home, I started cooking mine & Joel’s meals together in the same pot. And he won’t eat anything not cooked in olive oil… so then, so did I! But I don’t want it, I don’t even like it much better! So, I just need to get back to doing everything separately. It’s really not that hard.

If you don’t already, follow me on instagram (shannonisprettygreat) to see my meals. Starch Solution is seriously delicious.
Yep, so thats it for “resolutions”. No goal to hit, no pounds to lose each week. Just vowing to try my best to eat the way I feel is healthiest!

In general lifestyle resolutions… I want to keep my home tidier, and more organized. (I usually give up on this by February. hehe! but its worth saying!)

And I want to spend more time being creative in my craftroom!

Thats about it! Anyone willing to share how they’d like to improve in the following year?



2 Responses to “2016”

  1. Melidsa

    Mmmmm. French fries.

    I made NO resolutions this year, for the first time in forever. And it feels so good. I’m just gonna do what I need to do and feel like doing and that’s that!

    Yay for more creative time!

    And also, you know I will always pick an ethnic place when we go out! Thai! Indian! Karma! Yes!


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