Camping 2015!

I just got back from my favorite trip of the year! Camping! This year was just as wonderfully uneventful as always! As camping should be!

I took way fewer pictures this year, and decided to soak it in instead. But I took a few for you!

The Big Indian.  This 30 ft dude is a good friend of mine. I like to salute him every time we pass by.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Mt. Greylock summit. I got a homemade cantaloupe lemonade and took in the sights.

We had a couple very rainy moments, so we huddled in the cabin and played games, or piled into the car and drove around. We went to the old Hoosac Tunnel museum, which I haven’t been to in so many years! There’s an antique train car you can climb all around. But you can no longer go inside. This is the sad view of it.

The boys had their tent set up, but when the craziest winds OF ALL TIME came through, they had to abandon ship and come sleep in the cabin with Joel and I.  It was a fun slumber party!

It rained so hard that the boys took their showers outside instead of up at the bathrooms. It was pretty cute. I did take photos of that, but thought it best not to post those ;-)

We ate some of our usual epically delicious camping foods! spaghetti with garlic sauce, hamburgers, breakfast scrambles, fire-cooked veggies, pancakes, and HOBO PIES!

I tried the Field Roast burgers for the first time. Oh. My. Goodness. Officially the best vegan burger yet!

My first hobo pie creation – marzipan and dark chocolate chips in pie dough. I also made one with lemon pie filling! WHOA. The boys made combos of salted caramels, chocolate, apple pie filling, lemon pie filling, marzipan, cookie dough… cinnamon buns… yeah, you name it – it’ll cook in a hobo pie!

This year was one of the best for wildlife spotting! We saw 2 porcupine, 2 deer (one was a baby!), a beaver, snakes, salamanders, a TON of frogs/tadpoles, and I saw a crayfish in the pond! He was so little! The animals are always my favorite part!

This Beaver Bog always makes me wish I had a canoe there. I bet there are so many creatures to discover up in there! We didn’t make it to Tannery Falls this year, the weather just didn’t permit. But thats OK. There’s always next year!

Everything is so right with camping. It’s smelly, smoky, and dirty yet makes you feel like the cleanest, most stripped down version of yourself. Clean hair and makeup is irrelevant when you’re trudging through the mud and drinking strong coffee with equal parts grounds.

We’ve always timed our trip to coincide with the meteor showers (as we did since I was a child!), so we got lucky and the clouds parted for a spectacular night sky show.  At our park, there is a field in the center, with densely wooded sites around it in a circle. So plopping down in the center of the pitch black field, on the top of a mountain… you feel like you’re really just floating up there, among the stars yourself. You can see the milky way, and all the stars shooting across the sky. I didn’t even have any wishes to make. Life is good.

Returning home,  Adam and I exchanged emails praising camping and what a good time we had. We both expressed how fulfilling it all is, even for such a short trip. Just being together, and being free to be 100% ourselves is the best vacation you could have.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but here’s a little quote from his email that got me right in the feels…

Thank you for making sure we do this yearly because there’s something about you and I together that makes me feel so much more complete. Like I feel like me. I’m more confident. I have more fun. I’m more relaxed. I feel like everything is cool when we’re together. Like back to normal.

I couldn’t agree more. To have each other, AND our loves, AND nature, and still be comfortable and content. What else is there?!

The moral of the story is… I love camping. I hope you liked the few pictures I took, especially Drunk Doug the Porcupine. He was a real character!

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    • SweatyGirl

      Haha yeah, I had JUST woken up, and I slept in my contacts. So it wasn’t quite as serene feeling as it looks. But on the inside, I certainly felt happy! Wish I was back there! :-)


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