Life Lately

This is just a little snapshot of my life lately… if you follow me on instagram, none of this is new. But hey, enjoy anyway, will you? :-)

My hair is purple! It’s been getting a lot of attention out and about, but I really like it. I’m trying to be extra nice to my hair, not washing it often, deep conditioning, all that. I don’t mind if I need to chop it all off sometime, but I do feel like it’s a waste to have cool colored hair if it looks dry and sad also!

I got new sneaks! Same Hokas again, just the next generation. I can’t say they, like, cure me or anything, but if you have knee problems – I highly suggest these sneakers. They are super supportive but very cushioned.


I’ve gotten back into juicing again now that the produce is so tasty. I try to have 1-2 juices a day, and the other meals are Starch-Solution (high carb, low fat)
This combo feels really good to me! Very satisfying and filling, while nutritionally abundant! I don’t know yet, but I also feel like it may result in a little weight loss (here’s hoping!)

Fresh fruit in the summertime is EVERYTHING. I wait all winter for this stuff!

White rice, romaine lettuce, topped with a black bean stew.

Rice tossed with steamed mixed veggies, and drizzled with sweet thai chili sauce.

Oh heck yes. My fave. Mashed potatoes with mixed veggies. Smothered in gravy! (the gravy is from a packet. The brand is Hain, and it’s unbelievable. fat-free, dairy & meat free, super low calorie, and SO TASTY)

Baked buffalo cauliflower bites. The batter is just flour & water and some lowry seasoning. Then rolled in spiced breadcrumbs. Baked. Tossed in buffalo sauce and baked a few minutes more.

Juice!  This is just me recycling a bottle. That’s my own juice. However – the new cold-pressed juices from Trader Joe’s are surprisingly very good!!

Big happenings!

Joel’s parents have successfully moved into the new house!! I cannot believe they are our neighbors! They are in the next town over. It is SUCH a relief and a joy to have them here. This is just one of those situations where it is good for everyone! I can’t wait to see how they settle in and how they like the area.

Just a picture of the new bed we had set up for their arrival. My Mom helped pick out the fixins and I think it looks so nice! 


Chai, enjoying a sunny day.

We took Z on his first hike since his surgery! I can’t even tell you how pleased, relieved, and overjoyed I am by his recovery. We’ve nearly lost this dog multiple times in his short life… and he just keeps on bouncing back!  He is walking and running better than ever! He was nearly paralyzed… and now RUNNING. What a trooper. We took it slow on the hike, but he was loving every sniffin’ second of it!


This pretty much sums it up 100%.


Life is good as always. Busy, for sure. Some majorly bummer things happening… like my parents losing their best doggie friend Sammy, my Mom’s health doing poorly, my body giving me a lot of grief… and you know – the major injustices of the world… lol, but all in all. We do what we can, and we might as well enjoy it! So yeah, life is good. I’m SUPER excited about camping soon (in a few weeks) and its getting into busy time at work which is always fun in its own way.


I hope you enjoyed my little update! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer!


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