Farm Sanctuary Visit

Hi! This past weekend I visited Maple Farm Sanctuary in Mendon, Massachusetts.
A Farm Sanctuary is a place where abused, neglected, or saved-from-slaughter farm animals can live out their days safely. A few examples would be Cassie, the dairy cow who was being retired from dairy (meaning, sent to slaughter), she launched her 1,200lb body over a 6ft high fence to escape the slaughterhouse. Because she drew some attention for her stunt, she was spared and found a home at the sanctuary. (read her whole story HERE it’s very touching!)

Some young roosters were dumped at their doorstep in a box.

A sheep was being brutally tortured in someone’s backyard. She was saved by the police and brought to the sanctuary.

These are beautiful animals with wonderful personalities all their own. I was excited to tour such a loving place that takes in these creatures and lets them just LIVE. Un-abused.  Maple Farm Sanctuary runs entirely on donations and volunteers. Talk about running on passion alone!

Vegan, Animal Activist, or not – I encourage you to visit a local Farm Sanctuary near you! Its really fun to see animals doing their thing… being cute, demanding belly rubs, and living happily.

Here’s a few photos! I didn’t get to take many good clear shots, it was really raining and I didn’t want to sog up my camera!

Over 100 acres for cattle to roam freely!

Cassie, was SO beautiful. She gave me a good lick on the hand!

This mini horse tried to eat my sneaker!

Chance the pot-bellied pig!

Jonathan the 500lb pig! He was so massive, and so massively adorable!

Lots o llamas!

I have never touched anything so soft as this chicken! Like a clucking cloud!

The petting line starts here!

We met so many more animals than this, and there were still some that we didn’t get to meet. I definitely plan to go back another time on a sunny day!

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  1. Melidsa

    Read this earlier, came back to see cute animals again and comment! This place reminds me of a farmyard we visit up in Vermont where you can hold chickens and pet all the animals. Not the same thing of course but your pics reminded me of it.


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