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Of all the variations of the Vegan diet, I like the Starch Solution the most. I’m pretty sure I’ve done posts on it before… but the gist is – your body literally runs and thrives on carbs. Everyone knows that by now, I think! The Starch Solution is based off of the extensive research of the China Study – in which it is proven that societies that live off mainly starches (for example – “all the rice in China”!) are living longer, healthier, and less obese lives. If you’re interested at all in it, I highly recommend reading the China Study, or the Starch Solution books.  I have actually read them myself, but I seriously hate reading, so if you do too, you can get a remarkable amount of the same information by watching any talks by Dr. McDougall on YouTube.

Ok, the point of this post is not to educate you on the science of the Starch Solution, but just to show you a selection of meals I’ve been eating lately.

To fit into the rules of the starch solution, you basically just want your meals to be high-carb, low fat. Little to no processed foods (I have occasional breads/crackers, myself). The bulk of your intake should be starches, any and all veggies—especially greens, and some fruit.

Anyway, people ask me often about what I eat, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may never know! :)
So here’s some examples – Not pictured are lots of salads. I like salads, and I feel that its important to get your greens in, but they are boring and I rarely snap photos of them before shoving them into my gobbler.

Pani Puri. This is an Indian appetizer that I’ve always been obsessed with when I go to Indian restaurants. I recently found the shells for sale in an Indian grocery store, so I make the filling and the sauce at home and just go to town on them! I’ll have about 20 as a meal. The filling is similar to samosa filling if you know what that is.  It’s mashed potatoes with chick peas, peas, cilantro, and assorted masala spices. The shells do have a small amount of oil, but it doesn’t break the bank for me.

With the abundance of leftover filling, I made some samosa burritos. This is just a tortilla, stuffed with the potato mixture, and I dipped it into the tamarind/mint sauce. So filling!

These are another exotic find I ran into at an Asian market. They are called Rice Cakes. They are just SUPER thick rice noodles, made of literally just rice & water.  Imagine a very chewy gnocchi, that’s how they taste.  I heat these until soft and then toss with kimchi and devour!

Fruit is still very important! Eat all the vibrant colors!

A tasty breakfast.  This is some fat-free seeds & grains bread, topped with Engine 2 hummus (Engine 2 is a brand you want to know if eating Starch Solution!), tomatoes, and sprouts.  Side o banana.

Potato topped potatoes!

This is some thinly sliced red bliss potatoes, baked to a crisp and then topped with potatoes I had mashed with mixed veggies.

One of my favorite meals!  Rice noodles topped with tofu, and assorted raw veggies. I will toss this with a low-fat peanut sauce (made with PB2!) or some rice wine vinegar.

Quinoa tossed with sauteed onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and lemon herb seasoning. Side of celery for crunch!

Potatoes and gravy!! Who isn’t jealous of that!? I mash some mixed veggies into the taters for some brightness. The gravy is from a mix by the brand HAIN. It is fat free and vegan. If you ever see it – GET IT. Even if you’re not vegan or eating low-fat, you’ll like it.

Kale chips! Self explanatory :-)

Summer rolls. These are rice paper wrappers filled with rice noodles, assorted raw veggies, and pineapple chunks. Sometimes I do tofu as well.

An epic breakfast sandwich!  That same bread, with slices of tomato, tofu, and a patty of Gimme Lean sausage. Mmm I wish I had one right now!

Stuffed grape leaves, and a side of quinoa with onions and kalamata olives.  When I do add some fat in, its usually olives or avocado. I end up eating more fat when I go out to eat, because thats just how restaurants roll. So I try to keep it really low when I cook for myself. Hoping it all evens out!

My most typical foods, however, are not pictured here. Like I said, my staples are pretty boring and not picture worthy! But I’ll tell you that my most common meals are –
• oats w/berries & cinnamon. I’ll add maple syrup for sweetness. • salad w/any veggies I have on hand, and a low-fat dressing or hummus
• rice. Sometimes just plain (I love rice!), or I’ll top with soy sauce, salsa, beans, steamed veggies, duck sauce, kimchi.
• potatoes. Same thing, just plain (seasoned with herbs & spices) or covered in roasted veggies, a dressing, gravy, etc.

Ok, whew, I’m hungry now!

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