For most people, the way you eat is a reflection of how you want to live your life in general.

Do you scream out YOLO!! and eat anything and everything you want? I mean, you could die any day… should you eat what makes you happy in the moment with little regard to health?

Or do you want to Live Long & Prosper; eating for health, fitness, and longevity; in hopes of living to an old age?

How can we possibly decide?? I want a little bit of both!  It’s similar to my weight loss conundrum. Do I drop focus on the other things in my life to dedicate everything I have to losing weight and getting as fit as possible, in a sense – sacrifice a year or more of my life to achieve a body I want to live in for the rest of it?
Or, do I go the YOLO route, and just embrace being heavier and not care if it kills me earlier, because I’ll have enjoyed the time I had… as I am?

Do you see what I’m saying? This seems like an impossible decision. And though I agree that a balanced compromise is the ideal stance—for someone who is all-or-nothing like myself, that’s a near impossible task.

It is true that we only live once. It’s also true that we have a good chance of living a long, healthful life if we strive for it.  The problem is – what if we choose wrong? But maybe either option contains it’s own chance for regrets in those final moments.

Personally, I vacillate between these two principles. At times I am rigid and focused, prepared to sacrifice so much for my health and appearance. Other times, I feel content in my life and simply want to experience all the foods in whatever quantity pleases me!  The problem with going between the two is that it amplifies each one. When I am strict, I am extra extra strict because I have at times been less so.  When I am eating whatever I want, I eat MORE than I want, because of those times I was extra strict! It is such a psychological (and physiological!) trap.

I tend to feel happier on a more strict regimen, over all.  There are definitely some feelings of self-punishment, and exclusion from society. But not much, really. I do thrive on structure, so it allows me to feel more in control and safe. I stopped dieting so strictly because I simply wasn’t losing weight. So it seemed to be a bootyless treasure hunt. I see now, though, that maybe feeling like I was trying was a prize in itself. There is no pride in not getting anywhere because you’re not trying. Not getting anywhere whilst trying may be futile, but at least there’s a sense of pride in doing your best and not giving up.

So… hmm… having written it all out it seems I’ve answered my question about which I prefer.

Live Long & Prosper – it is! I’ll keep a little YOLOing for vacations and holidays. ;-)

 Anybody have a stance on this? Are you more YOLO, or more LL&P with your diet or fitness routine?

2 Responses to “YOLO vs. LL&P”

  1. Melissa

    I just have to tell you that I cannot stand the phrase “yolo.” I don’t know why! I’d rather the whole thing spelled out! Ahhhhghhg. Peeve.

    I am definitely more on the side of the you only live once though. When I diet, I make my diets as enjoyable as I can and if I want something, I eat it. I just try to be moderate. This is more so I can be thinner. At least with what I eat, I don’t expect my eating to make a difference in how long I live. I just don’t. Of course that’s probably my assumption that cancer, death from a bee attack, or those other phobias I have are going to win out anyway, no matter what I eat.

    You could be the world’s healthiest person and still get hit by a bus. :) Might as well enjoy your time here :)

    • SweatyGirl

      Haha I 100% agree on the YOLO thing! This was the only time I’ve ever actually used it, and its as a joke, so I’m OK with it. But if I can start LL&P as a trend, that’d be cool! lol!


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