Survey Update : Nearly May!

Making: Cards! CKC Manchester (scrapbooking convention) was last weekend and Melissa and I had an awesome time as always!  We take classes and shop our wallets off. All the new items and ideas really make me flood with inspiration. So I’m anxious to get in my craft room and make more stuff!

Cooking: I’ve been a little too into peanut sauce lately. I never ever liked peanut sauce, but since I discovered that I do LOVE my own homemade peanut sauce… it’s dangerous. So… summer rolls with peanut sauce, tofu with peanut sauce, rice noodles with veggies and…. peanut sauce. It’s so bad, and I’m definitely cutting the cord on that, cause ain’t nobody need THAT much fat. (its so GOOD THOUGH)

(I take this vibrant bowl of noodles and greens… and smother the crap out of it with peanut sauce)

Drinking: I’ve had two Green Tea Frappuccinos w/coconut milk from Starbuck’s recently, and they are SO good. Again, not the healthiest, so I don’t want to  make them a thing. But on a hot day (if we ever have a hot day), one would really hit the spot!

(THIS just opened up near my house. Talk about dangerous.)

Wanting: To get my hair re-dyed. I do have an appt, but its still like 2 weeks away! So now my hair is just in that ashy sad faded phase.

Looking: Pretty decent! I organized my makeup table last weekend, and when I do that (much like my crafty stuff) it makes me feel very inspired to play with it all! I watch makeup tutorials and all that, and still have close to zero skills.  But its fun to try!

Playing: Can’t Deny My Love (and the other 2 new singles) from Brandon Flowers. ON  LOOP. Especially in my kitchen. While I shake my booty uncontrollably.

Wishing: For true Spring weather to arrive. It’s nearly May, and its still freezing cold and cloudy!

Enjoying: My Gwynnie Bee subscription! It’s been really fun trying new pieces and I’ve even bought a couple!

This is one of my fave tops I got from Gwynnie Bee. I’m wearing it today!

Waiting: To close on a house! We’re buying a house for Joel’s parents, and we had the inspection yesterday and all is progressing perfectly! Just a few weeks now and we should be done, closed, and ready for them to arrive!

Liking: That Game of Thrones is back on. It’s not my all time favorite show, but since Justified just ended (forever, BOO), and Vikings just concluded the season… its really nice to have something else that Joel & I both watch together.

Wondering: why I didn’t make a smoothie for breakfast this morning. I really wanted one, and I had the ingredients and the time. Yet, I didn’t!  What a mistake!

Loving: That Zevon is all healed up!!!!!!! I am so soooooo grateful to have my little buddy back to healthy and happy. The miracle of medical science! Amazing.

Hoping: I think of some more blog posts for y’all! I miss this.

Marveling: I’m gonna say Zevon again for this one! It honestly blows my mind how much a body can go through and still come back to good.

Needing: To get more strict about my diet. My schedule was just crazy the past 2 weeks and I let my diet get sloppy a bit. It’s Ok… but I’m over it and ready to crack down a little.

Smelling: My own coffee breath. Cinnamon Hazelnut Iced! Yummy in the tummy, a little stank in the mouth.

Wearing: Ha! That same shirt in the picture above! But purple jeans with, and my usual Hoka sneaks.

Following: Still pretty hooked on YouTube. Haven’t made any recent discoveries worth mentioning, but I tell you, it’s a trap! :-)

Noticing: So many split ends in my hair. Its like, once you see one, you can’t stop seeing them!

Giggling: Over sending a short video to Adam of me lipsynching to Bootylicious in the car this morning. It had to be done.

Knowing: That I have to poop. But I don’t feel like getting up right now. #livingontheedge

Thinking: About how I really do have to poop. Damnit, poop. YOU CAN WAIT.

Feeling: So much sympathy and fear for the people in Nepal. What a beautiful place, rich in history… just in crumbles. So many tragic deaths.  Mother nature is so incredibly cruel sometimes.

Ok, thats it for now!  It felt good to think about whats going on RIGHT now!

What are you wearing, thinking, or giggling over today?

4 Responses to “Survey Update : Nearly May!”

  1. Melissa

    I love a good Shannon survey! :)

    I do want to say your hair looked absolutely perfect to me this weekend so I don’t know what you’re talking about with that ashy stuff. It’s beautiful, as always!

    • SweatyGirl

      Thanks! It really fades about a 1/4 of a shade with every wash! Its not terrible, I just think I’m excited to have it touched up again!

  2. Allie

    Your makeup is ON FLEEK GIRL. Wow.
    Are Joel’s parents moving near you guys?!
    Peanut sauce peanut sauce peanut sauce! I recently bought some at the store because making my own takes so much time and it was GROSS! I have to stick to the time sensitive version because it’s soooo worth it.

    • SweatyGirl

      Thanks!! Yes! The house we are getting is in Pepperell, so only about 15 minutes from us.

      I can make the ultimate peanut sauce, and it takes awhile, but I’ve now perfected the quick version too, thats nearly as delicious!


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