Some things have always irked me. And I realize that these things make me seem like maybe I am a very elderly robot impersonating a humanoid, but I feel like some things have lost their actual meaning and are now misinterpreted.

For instance –

1.  You’re fat. 
Naw, actually – you HAVE fat. One cannot actually be fat.  You have an excess of body fat. You are overweight. You are heavy, but you aren’t fat.


2. Shh! Don’t say DIET, say lifestyle change.  
Ok, I am all about the sentiment of this, 100%.  But the negativity over the word “diet” has always irked me.
A diet is just what someone or something consumes. It does not, 100% of the time indicate a fad.  A pet iguana has a diet of crickets.  Zombies exist on a diet of brains and other assorted organ meats.


Guess what? You’ll still have a diet during that long term lifestyle change.

3. I’m gonna loose so much weight!
Ok, so this is a typo and not a word meaning difference… but forgive me. It’s so egregious yet wide-spread, it just had to be in this list. *shudder*


You probably done loose so much weight that your pants got lose and fell off.


4. Labels.
Plant-based, fruitarian, vegan diet, nutritarian, starch-based…

It doesn’t matter what you call it, and it shouldn’t matter what other people would call it. You don’t eat animal products. I think that is good enough.  People are so into their private sectors of diet labeling these days, and just love to argue what is best and what does or doesn’t even exist “as a thing”. Its a thing if it’s YOUR thing.  So just do your thing and call it whatever you want.


Ok, I think that is it.  Not too many!  Do you have any that bug you even though they shouldn’t?

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