No Frankenfoods Challenge

I survived a week of no processed foods!

It was easy, but hard at the same time!  Easy in that – I like simple, whole foods. It’s not difficult for me to eat them.  The hard part was definitely the convenience factor. We had some plumbing issues at home during the same week… so there was a day and a half where I had no clean water at home, making it hard to wash and cook my veggies.

I ended up eating out at restaurants – which of course, makes it more difficult to get just freshy fresh foods.
I ate 3 things “off-plan”.  I had sushi, which meant I had some pickled ginger, and some soy sauce. Both containing more than 1 ingredient.  I also had a few pieces of gum… totally didn’t even think of it!

The real question is… did I learn anything?

I think I did. I certainly thought that I already ate about 90% whole and unprocessed foods.  But doing this challenge showed me that is not true at all!  I went to reach for breads, wraps, pastas, dressings, and sauces more than I expected. Proving that my diet is not quite as clean as I’d thought.

I’m really pleased with the challenge, and I’m happy to have shown myself how I really don’t *need* processed foods in my diet. I do think these things have a place, but eliminating them felt pretty nice.

Though I won’t be continuing with a strict no processed foods rule, I feel confident in that I am able to greatly reduce them in my daily eats!

Here’s some things I ate this week –


Salad, of course! With homemade avocado dressing (see below)

Assorted veggies with avocado dressing/dip. The dressing is –

1.5 avocados
fresh cilantro
fresh green onionjuice of whole lemon
salt & pepper
blended up with some water to thin it out


popcorn popcorn popcorn

roasted butternut squash prepared my favorite way – tossed in lime juice and fresh rosemary and then roasted til crisp on the outside.  Eaten with a baked sweet potato and some roasted baby bella mushrooms.

Boiled potatoes and carrots, sauteed spinach and butter beans tossed with lemon juice, salt & pepper.

Everything I ate was flavorful and delicious. Eating things in their simple state, or just adding a hint of citrus or herbs really allows you to taste it. Sure, I like gravy all up on my potatoes… but you know what? potatoes taste good by themselves! (believe it! strange, but true!)

I will definitely reflect back on this when I plan my meals going forward. KISS method all the way!

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