I’ve recently been trying to pay attention to the processed foods I consume. And I don’t mean just twinkies and doritos… which is probably what we all think of when someone mentions “processed foods”. I’m thinking about real convenience foods like breads, wraps, condiments, cans of soups and sauces.

I’m not saying everything pre-made is inherently bad, but I do think it’s important to step back and recognize just how much you are consuming of those things.

I decided to start a one week challenge.


For one week, only whole foods.  Now, it takes some real discretion to decide what exactly you consider “processed”.

I mean, technically, if you cut or cook an item – it’s been processed. So, a plain baked potato is a processed food!  But, I don’t want to get so nitty gritty.

My rules…er… RULE, is simple –

A processed food is a single food that has more than 1 ingredient (water NOT included)

Easy, right?

I like to think I don’t consume too many processed foods… but when I really thought about it, I reach for the tortillas, hummus, tofu, mustard! all the time.  Again, those foods aren’t totally unhealthy… but I feel like its good to be aware of it.  Why not make my own hummus? Why make a veggie wrap, when I can just eat the veggies?

Taking it back to basics is good sometimes. I feel like it really resets my creativity in cooking, and helps to eliminate all those added sugars, salt, and fats that are lurking around in those products.

Anyway! Feel free to join me, even just for one day! Give yourself a clear look at how much convenience food you go for.

I’ll post some of my meals at the end of the week!



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  1. SarahBeth

    Hi Shannon,

    Good luck with your challenge! I just wanted to point out that Frankenfoods is actually a derogatory term for genetically modified food, (and a weird show on the Spike TV Channel) not for processed foods. :) I believe it was originally coined by Prince Charles about Monsanto.


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