Survey Update!

I swear, I’m working on content ideas. I’m just so… boring right now, I’ve been accidentally neglecting this.

Anyway, I saw a survey, and what better way to force an update – than with prompts! Here it goes, then!

Plans for even more birthday celebrations. Somehow my being born entitles me to numerous amazing, generous birthday celebrations. I ain’t complaining!

Cooking: Been having lots of soups, and quesadillas/sandwiches to go with.


Drinking: I’ve been terrible with my water later. But trying to get it in. This morning, however, my wonderful brother got me a caramel & coconut iced latté. heaven.

Wanting: Well, Joel got me a GoPro camera for my birthday, which I had been wanting! So I ordered a stick mount for it, and its on it’s way to me. I’m wanting it to arrive so I can play with it!

Looking: Adorable. It’s Halloween. And I’m a Red Panda.


Playing: The new Boys II Men album, the new Perfume Genius album, and The Killers – on loop.

Wishing: for an easy and anxiety-free commute to Bumble’s wedding tomorrow evening. I’m really stressing about it.

Enjoying: My new hair color!


Waiting: We’re getting new insulation put in our house. It’s a long process. It’s only just started, and I am anxiously waiting for it to be done.

Liking: (more like LOVING) how my skin has never been clearer.  Still not even close to perfect or blemish-free (never will be, thats OK!)  But it’s so much improved for some reason, just over the past couple weeks. Another post to come on that, I’m planning.

Wondering: still, what I can do to lose some weight!

Loving: eating the last of the tasty fresh fruit before winter descends and kills my spirit and all the fruit with it.

Hoping: I think of some more blog posts for y’all! I miss this.

Marveling: at how good Bry’s costume came out. I mean, Auntie is good. I know that. But dang, Dr. Strange – you’re awesome!


(yes, I did sloppy-ass photoshop him. It just felt right!)

Needing: more cardio.

Smelling: An old mug of cinnamon tea I left crusting over on my desk. Still smells good, though.

Wearing: Still this.

Following: Lots of YouTubers. Totally got sucked into that world.

Noticing: How great my family and friends are to me. My birthday this year has been humbling with the amount of love I got.

Knowing: that tomorrow will work out fine (and be amazing) But weddings are scary enough as it is. Having to get ready at, and then leave from work and drive over an hour on halloween night is freaking me out. But logically I know… I know I’ll make it there, be fine, and be so, SO excited to see one of my BFFs get married.

Thinking: I have a lot to do tonight.

Feeling: Slightly overwhelmed, now that you made me think about all the stuff I have to do tonight.

Opening: my jumbo tumbler of water. I haven’t had anything since my iced coffee this morning, and that’s a sad dehydrated red panda right there. (thanks Jess, for bringing me my water)

Giggling: at everyone in their awesome halloween costumes. We got some good ones this year.

Ok, thats it!  Nice chat guys! I promise, I’ll be back soon with something to say!

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