The Food of Florida

I’m back from my week in Naples, Florida! I’ll do a couple posts about it… but this one will just be about the FOOD!

I ate some pretty fabulous things over the week. I forgot to photograph some of it, but here’s some highlights.

My snack on the plane.

Dinner at Columbia Restaurant in St. Armand’s Circle – Sarasota. This was a vegetarian platter. Black bean cakes, chickpeas with spinach and garlic, stuffed mushrooms, and queso fundido. I gave Joel my cheese and sour cream. The rest I really, really enjoyed!

Lunch at LeAhn’s Vietnamese Kitchen. This is faux chicken and pineapple stir fry.

Also from LeAhn’s was this freaky drink. It’s called Pickled Lemon Drink. It’s made by placing lemons in a tub of salt, sealed and placed in the sun. The moisture from the lemons dissolves the salt, and the salt then turns to a brine and pickles the lemons. The drink is the pickled lemons, mixed with sugar and water. It was as salty as sea water, but lemony and sweet at the same time.

Breakfast at our favorite place – Skillets. I got this dish twice. It is hashed potatoes topped with onions, sundried tomatoes, pico de gallo, and avocado. With a homemade scone and fruit. The second time, I added jalapenos!

Joel loves Blue Bell ice cream, which they don’t sell here. So when we’re down in FL he gets a giant tub for the house.
I picked up these for myself. They were really, really surprisingly good.

This I drink LOTS of. Like… a LOT.

Cider Press Café is an all raw vegan restaurant! New to Naples, and right up my alley! We had a pineapple kimchi dumpling appetizer. Came with mango habanero sauce. I neglected to take a photo of those. But Whoa. I could eat them all day, every day!
I had the enchiladas served with slaw. And Joel had a half Avocado “BLT” (smoked eggplant for bacon) and a wedge salad.
I also got some key lime pie to go. This meal was quite expensive, especially for the quantity. However the quality was off the charts. This food was so inventive, fresh, and vibrant. I wish we had a place like this nearby home!

Claypot dish from The Loving Hut. One of the best things I have eaten, ever. This was rice, rice noodles, 4 types of mushrooms, scallions, tofu, sliced ginger, cilantro, and a light gingery soy sauce – baked in a clay pot. It was just one of those things that really comes together into magic.

Also from the Loving Hut – dessert! This was an almond flan and a pandan cake. (Loving Hut is 100% vegan, so both desserts were dairy free!)
I’d never had pandan cake before. Pandan is a fragrant plant made into cakes, drinks, and dishes. It’s almost like a light pistachio flavor sort of. Absolutely a new favorite.

Lunch at Joel’s favorite – Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant. This is the Grilled Steak salad – minus the steak. It’s got grilled shiitake mushrooms, grilled potatoes, and a gloriously fresh bed of greens and veggies. It had a tamarind lime dressing.

Downtown Historic Naples – a coffee shop called Bad Ass Coffee. This is a Snickerlicious iced coffee with soy milk.
It was HEAVEN. I took this bad boy on a hot hot walk down the Naples pier. And it really hit the spot.

A little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place named Taco Ardiente. This is the guac appetizer. It was huge, and stuffed into a fried cripy tortilla bowl. And I got my fave soda – Jarritos Lime. Mmm. As my meal I got soft tacos with beans.

On our last night, we went to another of Joel’s very favorites – U.S.S. Nemo’s Restaurant. Cheesy name, I know. But it’s a very popular classy joint! It’s a seafood place. And they ended up having only one solitary vegan option – a tofu stir fry. I admit, I get sick of the obligatory veggie stir fry option, so I was a little annoyed. Until it came… and I tasted it. Best stir fry – ever. The veggies were unbelievable. the tofu – perfection. The rice and sauce were… mmm! I’m telling you – perfect.

Unpictured was – Banana w/PB at the Continental Breakfast at the hotel, Grilled Artichokes & french fries from Bricktops. Peanut butter french toast from Goldie’s Diner. Salad from Whole Food’s salad bar. A bagel with hummus from Publix. Dairy-free Lemon Sorbet from the Sandbar (on the beach). Hush puppies, corn on the cob, and steamed veggies from Philippi Creek restaurant.

So thats it! All my food for a week in Florida.

And somehow – I didn’t gain a pound!

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    • SweatyGirl

      Thanks Celia! I know! There were a small handful of places that we used to frequent that had no options for me. But there are just so many restaurants there, that cutting them out was no hardship :-)


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