You know what?  I love camping.

Man, I really do love camping.

I love the views, the sounds, the eats!, and oh.. the smells!  Clean dewy mountain air is an incredible smell.  The water there tastes like liquid heaven – and I hate water!

I love hiking, and I love the prospect of seeing wild animals.

I love the incredible amount of work it takes to camp. Cooking a meal and cleaning up after is quite an ordeal. And before you can even do that you must get your firewood and fetch your water. It’s exhausting work, and for some reason that makes it all the better.

There’s no internet up there. There’s no text messages or checking my work emails “for just a second”

There’s just friends, conversation, good food, a lot of dirt, and lots of work! The combination is perfect.

Anyway! I had a great time camping, so let me show you some pictures!

First, I did some prep work. We like to rough it in many aspects when camping – but food is not one of them!  Before leaving, I made a garlic spaghetti sauce, an asian sesame marinade, and some herb & garlic potato foil packets to just toss on the fire.


We bought all the rest of our meats & veggies fresh in the town center nearby the campground. This made it way easier to pack and travel, because we could fill the cooler with STUFF, instead of ice and food. So we got to the site, unloaded everything, then took the empty cooler down to the store and loaded up!

The boys (Drew & Adam) arrived just after us. So they set up their tent while we headed down to the store, and to get our firewood.

Our site was as beautiful as when we left it last year.

One small change was that someone found an old railroad tie in the woods and brought it up to the site to be used as a step up to the cabin. What a relief! My knees were pretty rough by the end of last year because that insanely high step. Though many toes were stubbed in the dark… it was still a great improvement.

We quickly got to work cooking and eating. Because, well, that’s what its all about!

Camping as a vegan is definitely NOT difficult. I ate like a king! Oh my goodness, the veggies cooked over an outdoor flame.. it’s just magical.
I ate a lot of asparagus, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, potatoes, summer squash…

The mushrooms though. I can’t even talk about them without tearing up. They were soooo effin good.

I had bought these Hobo Pie makers – essentially clamshell cast iron pans on a stick… You fill them with whatever you want, sweet or savory – you close up the pans and stick them over the fire (like roasting a marshmallow!)
We used them for desserts, mostly. My genius idea was to buy cinnamon bun dough and fill it with pie filling. Yup.

For me, I found some crescent roll dough that was vegan. I filled it with low-sugar apple pie filling that I found at Whole Foods.

Yup. It was indeed as good as it looks!

We did a few trips and hikes.

Mount Greylock. Which boasts just the most unbelievable views from the mountain top.


We may have also vogued a little bit.

Tannery Falls.

The Natural Bridge.

(keep off the damn what?)

And we ate some more.

Best breakfast EVER. We made breakfast burritos. Mine was scrambled tofu, veggie sausage, roasted potatoes and onions.

I also, in between foods and hikes,  had to weigh in for my DietBet competitions!
Which, I ACED, by the way! More on that in a later post!

On our last night, it went from this :

To this :

It rained like a mo fo. It took us an insanely long time to pack up, because the downpour was serious!
Driving down from the mountain, we were inside one very dense cloud.

But the lower we got the clearer it was. The rain, of course, ruined nothing for us. I always expect it to rain and we got lucky that it was only on the last day.
The days were cool but sunny and the nights were COLD. But again, there’s something weird about camping… that makes the uncomfortable parts part of the fun.

I was about to apologize for not taking more photos. We had such good food every day. We had a pineapple massacre (damn you, Raccoon!). We saw so many shooting stars (you can also see the milky way from there!). We had many chipmunk and squirrel friends (outside AND inside the cabin!). We saw beautiful scenery and had wonderful adventures. Some things you just can’t capture on a camera.

5 Responses to “Camping!”

  1. Melissa Whittaker

    Yay! I got to see some of these when you Instagrammed but it’s nice to have the commentary. And i totally just added one of those cast iron hot buns whatever macallits to my amazon wish list. :)

    I thought I was a camper. I grew up camping. But I have realized as an adult, that my idea of camping (permanent campsite with a 40 foot trailer and a screened in porch at a campground with nice beaches and water slides and mini golf and a rec center) isn’t exactly roughing it. And I don’t like bugs. So…maybe you’ll have to take my son camping someday! :)

    • SweatyGirl

      Haha! I am telling you, the hobo pies… amazing.
      You can make sandwiches, calzones, hot pockets! pies, quesadillas, even little cakes!
      The boys did angel food cake and brandied cherries. Incredible!
      There’s definitely a LOT of bugs (mostly spiders, though) at my camp. I will have to take Austin, because every child needs to learn how to properly catch salamanders! And eat pancakes outside, with blackberries right from the bush!


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