Roasted Garlic Bliss Pizza (Vegan)

This is not so much of a recipe… as an “idea”  for pizza toppings.  Though, if you treat it like a recipe and make this exact pizza – believe me – you will NOT regret it!

Hands down, best homemade pizza I’ve ever made.

What’s interesting, is that this pizza is half cheating, half way-too-much-work. So it kind of evens out into a doable meal.

Crust : store bought crust.  I bought, specifically – Portland Pie Company brand Garlic Pizza Dough. But any dough would work, of course!

Sauce : In lieu of sauce, I used a jarred artichoke bruschetta topping. I believe any tapenade-type thing would do.

Toppings : Here’s where it gets awesome.

Red Bliss Potatoes : sliced thin and pre-cooked. I steamed mine in the microwave, quick and easy. But you can bake or sauté them until soft or even slightly crisped. Lay them out all over covering the sauce as you would with cheese.

• Roasted garlic cloves : Again, I cheated here, I bought pre-shucked garlic cloves which saved a boatload of time. To roast them, simply toss all the gloves and a drizzle of olive oil into some tinfoil, wrap it up and toss it in the oven for 45 min to an hour. (you can also do them in a pan on the stovetop)

• Caramelized onions : This is the hard work part. Making them is not hard, but waiting for them to be made is very, very hard!  If you haven’t caramelized onions before, I recommend using this method.
If you did not want to go through this, I honestly think that some sweet sweated onions would be just delicious as well.


just starting to brown

• Fresh rosemary : Some needles of fresh rosemary add a real brightness to the heavy feeling of the roasted garlic and onions.

• Salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes


Toss everything on top of the potatoes in no particular order. Bake your pizza to your desired crispness, let sit for 3-5 minutes, and proceed to shovel that bad boy into your mouth.


The taste of these toppings together, and even just the look of the finished pizza are sure to impress anyone.  If you don’t want to scare anyone at your pizza party, you can sprinkle on a handful of romano cheese so that you don’t have to call it Vegan… but I am not kidding when I say that it doesn’t need it. It is rich and decadent tasting. Salty, sweet, spicy. Hearty but summery at the same time.


Other topping ideas –
• White beans
• Kalamata olives• Cherry or peppadew peppers
• Fresh summer corn
• Asparagus
• Roasted brussels sprouts
• The possibilities are endless!

Just make it, ok? And invite me over!

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