VeganCuts monthly box review!

I subscribe to a monthly box called VeganCuts.

They offer two products –

1. The Snack Box : Curated vegan snack products. Typically chips/crisps, teas, chocolate, and other edible delights.
2. The Beauty Box : Also hand-picked vegan products but all for your skincare, and beauty needs.  Things like body soaps, makeups, deodorants, and even candles.

I subscribe to both monthly.  They are $19.95 each. So for $40 a month I get both in the same box.

VeganCuts asked me to do a review of their snack box and graciously sent me an additional February box.  And so, I did!

I made an “unboxing” video, which is exactly what it sounds like.  I opened up my VeganCuts box, showed you what I got, tried/tasted, and reviewed each product on the spot.

If you’re interested in all of the products that I received, watch the video! It’s long, because there are many items.

If you want just the overall review of the service, here it is :

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most awesome there ever was, here’s my rankings in the following categories.

• Packaging :  6 
I think the packaging of a lot of the items could be better.  I realize that some things are just sample sizes so they do not have the proper packaging and labels, but because of this some things come looking a little cheap and worn down before I even open it.
I also have been spoiled by the Healthy Surprise and Bulu boxes which come in custom super cute designed boxes. VeganCuts comes in a slightly-too-large USPS box. It’s packaged with recycled paper shreds which I personally despise (they get everywhere and make it hard to find smaller items)

• Variety of the products : 8
Within each monthly box I feel like there is a good variety of items, however, month-to-month I feel like the boxes are quite similar. But I’m not entirely sure that can be avoided. Its all good stuff, and its all a surprise, so maybe there doesn’t need to be super diverse items.

• Quality of the products : 10
There are great, high-quality, well-made products included in the box.  Big brands and little boutique-like handmade items as well. It’s a good mix and seem to always be new to me brands or flavors that I’ve yet to try. Which, is the exact purpose of this!

• Value for the price : 6
Sometimes, I feel a *little* skimped when I dump all my items out and they just don’t seem like they could possibly add up to $40. When you consider the fact that they are specialty items, I have no doubt that they do indeed add up quickly. But at the same time, I want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. However, each month is different and some seem to make up for others.

• Overall joy it brings me : 9
I really enjoy when my VeganCuts box comes. I can’t wait to bust into and try and taste everything right away! I’ve found some new brands that will be favorites for years to come, and that is the whole point for me.  It makes transitioning to and being vegan much easier and fun with so many options.  I would absolutely recommend the VeganCuts boxes.

• My advice to VeganCuts :
This is also in the video, but I’ll repeat myself here.  I realize that the product is called a “Snack Box” but I feel like the health-conscious vegans might not be as into the junk food snacks. Personally, I’d love to receive less chips and meal replacement items and more meal-based items.  For example – tofu marinades, jarred sauces or meal-starters.  Last month I got a vegan chili that was fantastic. I’d love more like that. Canned soups or baking mixes, etc.  I still want to try the chocolates and veggie crisps, but more meal foods mixed in would be awesome.

Ok, that’s it from me!  If you watched the video, I hope you enjoyed it. It clearly wasn’t thought through or edited, so… yeah…. maybe I’m not a natural! Anyway, they wanted my opinions and I gave them!

If you’re interested in the VeganCuts boxes, you can sign up here

2 Responses to “VeganCuts monthly box review!”

  1. Melissa

    I’m not a vegan but your review makes me super pumped to watch your video. I will watch it tonight at home! (Promise!). :)

    The joy of monthly subs. I used to get several crafty monthly things and that was always fun. Still considering the nail polish club too.

    • SweatyGirl

      Its a good thing that Joel thinks they are all so ridiculous, because I love them so much I would be subscribed to ten thousand if I could. I want stitch-fix and healthy surprise and bulu box and birch box, and the vegan cuts and all the nail and beauty and snacky ones ever! :-)


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