If I were to describe myself, it would definitely include the term – anti-social. Despite this, I somehow live a pretty social life.  I certainly can’t complain that I have incredible people who actually want to spend time with me.  This weekend was an exceptionally busy one and it, of course, revolved around food!

On Friday night, I had dinner at Macaroni Grill with three beautiful ladies.  I like Macaroni Grill for one big reason :

Create your own pasta! Its a little dumb, though, because they list it just like that on the menu, but do not list the pasta, sauce, or accompaniment options anywhere. Luckily, I know the secret. They do list them online! So I write it down before I go.  My favorite option is the capellini (lowest calorie of their pasta options), with pomodoro sauce and all the veggies I want. Classic spaghetti, but really good and satisfying.

The next morning, I had plans to spend the day with another friend.  We got lucky and ended up in the area of a Seasons 52 restaurant. If you’ve never been, the schtick is that all menu items are under 475 calories.  And that for all 52 weeks of the year they rotate the menu to be seasonal.  So that you’re getting the freshest, in-season items.

I ordered the “Winter Vegetarian Platter”  (Which I ordered with no cheese)

This was phenomenal.  a cranberry & orange zest quinoa salad, cedar-plank tofu with mango chutney, roasted golden beets, mushrooms and broccolini, and a roasted veggie and black bean soft corn taco. I know you’re all probably like ehhhh boring! But believe me, when you season and cook things perfectly, they are fantastic no matter how healthy they might be!

I also had a handmade Ginger Agave Soda with Mint.

And for dessert, a little glass of fresh fruit.

After lunch and some shopping we went to Starbucks and chatted indefinitely.
I got home quite late, but had to stop at the store to pick up something quick to make Joel for dinner. I ended up making him a reuben, but as I was shopping I had a serious hankering for something junk foody. Must have been the overabundance of freshness I had for lunch!  I thought that chicken nuggets sounded so good. So I looked over all of the faux-meat frozen nuggets.  Nearly all of them had eggs and/or milk in them.  Eventually, I found the Gardein brand chicken tenders.


They are amazing. Seriously.  In a way, though, they taste and feel almost too much like real chicken. It’s a little scary. The breading is soooo good though, better than typical real chicken nuggets.

So here is my “chicken nuggets and french fries”

Those are Snapeas, for my quick french fry substitute.

This little meal cured my hankering for junk.  Don’t judge!

Then, on Sunday, I planned a little brunch with my Mom and Aunt, just because I hadn’t seen them in awhile.
We did it potluck style and each brought something.  My Mom and Aunt are so incredibly thoughtful, that they also accommodated my diet.

I made a banana date bread, and a rainbow fruit salad.

We had : tomato juice, coffee, fruit salad, banana date bread, roasted root veggies with black beans, roasted green veggies with tomatoes, and a crustless quiche with broccoli and goat cheese.

My plate :

I LOVE breakfast. I love greasy, meaty, buttery, saucy, savory, diner breakfasts… yet, this is one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten.

After all that talking and laughing and socializing this weekend, it’s time to go back to work and see more people! Oof!

Ah well, I had a fantastic weekend, seeing people I don’t get to see often and eating some freakin’ incredible foods.

Here’s some bonus pictures :

Mr. Fred Tea. You fill his trousers with tea and let him relax.

My first attempt at a Tofu Parmesan. It was really, really delicious. But I wanna try full on breading and baking the tofu next time, like a eggplant parm.

Spinach falafel wraps (pre-wrapping)


Brussels with balsamic glaze


Food prep : roasted a whole pan of fingerling potatoes.

Lentils, pre-cooking. My first real attempt. I have no idea what to do with them now that I have a bowl of ‘em ready to go!

Homemade scallion rangoons

Beautifully green salad








10 Responses to “Social”

    • SweatyGirl

      Thank you so much for thinking of me! I actually don’t like sriracha (because I am a little wee baby about spicy!) BUT this recipe sounds amazing, and all mixed together I might really enjoy it! I’m gonna let you make it, and if your face doesn’t fall off, then I’ll try it, too :-)

      • Amelia

        The mango siracha cauliflower was AWESOME!! It ended up being a sweet/sour/spicy food that didn’t hardly carry the cauliflower flavor. It was a lot like sweet/sour chicken. VERY good!! Although baking the cauliflower and dipping it in the glaze would be just as good.

        • Amelia

          oh, the first serving was a bit on the hot side, but when we chilled it and ate the cold leftovers the next day it wasn’t hot at all!

        • SweatyGirl

          I was anxiously awaiting this! I am definitely going to make it now, you make it sound pretty magical! And with the sriracha, I might even be able to get Joel to eat a vegetable! :-)

  1. Allie

    so yummy and soooo good to see you!! i kind of feel like i couldn’t have the little tea guy without giggling over the thought that he looks like he’s peeing into my tea. but actually, that sounds great, so i may need to get one. <3


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