As I was perusing the glorious aisles of Whole Foods, I had spotted my very favorite Indian cuisine ingredient : paneer. Mmm, yes please!
I tossed it in my cart next to my previous impulse selection of chorizo.
So I thought to myself… There is a world where these two things could be delicious together!
I went to the Indian food aisle and looked through all the jarred simmering sauces. I’ve had a million masala sauces but never found a good one so I went with a rogan josh one that I thought would be good. It has a sweet nutmeggy flavor.
So I made rice and some garlic naan. I crisped up the chorizo slices and then simmered the sauce on top of them. When it was good and hot I poured the sauce on top of the paneer and it was time to eat!

It seemed like such an odd combination but oh man, did it work!
The flavors were amazing together. Salty and spicy, sweet and creamy. Really delicious!

I was smart enough to have my Bro over to witness this miracle of taste with Joel and I. It is safe to say that we all loved it!

After dinner, there was a dessert I also wanted to try. Frozen banana “ice cream”. It was 4 whole frozen bananas, 1/2 cup water, and 3 dates all blended up in the Vitamix. It ended up having the consistency of soft serve, and tasted super creamy and good!
We put a hefty handful of peanut butter & chocolate chips on top!
I didn’t get a photo of it while it was still all firm and pretty… So take my word for it, it was great!
Probably a new summer staple for me.

So… In conclusion – don’t be afraid to mix and match elements from ethnic cuisines. Flavors are flavors and they can cross pollinate and make beautiful babies!

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    • SweatyGirl

      YES! Joel got to reap the rewards of the leftovers, but I am still dreaming about it! I’ll definitely make it again sometime!


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