Shrimp & Pak Choi Udon

I had searched all of Googledom to find a tasty looking recipe to use my baby pak choi (aka bok choy) in. I found a really delicious sounding one, I wrote down the ingredients and then, I lost the dang thing. So I got pretty much all of the ingredients I needed but made up the rest. So, I apologize that I can’t attribute this recipe to anyone!

Here’s what I used :

1lb shrimp
4oz udon noodles
3 baby pak choi (bok choy)
2 scallions
a small amount of fresh ginger (grated)
2 tsp. fresh garlic (grated)
1 can chicken broth
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp hoisin sauce
2 tsp fish sauce

In one pan, I cooked the noodles per instructions.
In the wok :
Bring the broth to a boil, add ginger, garlic, and all of the sauces. When mixed, add shrimp.
When the shrimp turn pink, add pak choi and cover. In about 2 minutes the pak choi will have steamed to a wilt. Add cooked noodles and chopped scallions and toss everything together.

Voila! Beauty!

Serve with plenty of the broth.

If you’re Joel, be sure to serve with an obscene amount of Sriracha, too. (blech!)

We both liked this dish! It was low-cal and really fresh tasting. It had that good salty & sweet type flavor that you know and love from Asian food but not overpowering nor oily. It was light and delicious. After we finished I was already brainstorming ideas to make it even better! Definitely a great easy base to start from.

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