Pineapple Fried Rice

This recipe is vegan, but obviously not raw! I had a lot of fresh pineapple chunked up and waiting to be eaten, so I thought something warm with it would be nice.  I haven’t made a fried rice in years… I actually wasn’t sure I still had a wok. But indeed, I did! I found it in the basement, covered in a thick layer of dust. After a good cleaning, it was back to it’s old tasty-making days. Thanks to my Dad, by the way. The wok was a gift from him about 10 or 11 years ago.

Anyway! I had my rice all cooked up and chilling in the fridge. I guess the key to any fried rice is to have the rice be a day or two old. You want it to be pretty dry.  Mine was only about 6 hours old, but it certainly did the trick.

My ingredients :

Chopped onion, carrot, broccoli, sugar snap peas


4 cups of white rice

a half ton of pineapple

Wok oil, chili oil, basil oil, teriyaki sauce

All you really need is the wok oil and a soy or teriyaki sauce.

Squirt some wok oil in the wok, and then you want to get the wok nice and hot before your veggies go in. I put the onions in first for as little head start, and then the rest of them.  This is because I like the onions to be soft and sweet, but the carrots, broccoli, and peas to be still slightly crisp and fresh.

After the veggies were nice and hot, I put in my pineapple. The pineapple doesn’t need to cook, it just needs to get warm. So once the pineapple was warm I threw in my rice. You have to break it all up with a wooden spoon… like you would ground beef.  Once I got it all separated I sprinkled the whole pan with teriyaki sauce. I don’t like it too flavorful, so I kept it pretty light. But you can do lots if you like!

I tossed it all together and then left it for a couple minutes. I wanted to make sure it was super hot all the way through and… I wanted that super tasty crispy layer on the very bottom. That’s always the best part of any fried rice!

Success!! This dish was light, fluffy, and fresh tasting, yet super duper filling.

Aside from having to make the rice ahead of time, it’s a very quick and easy dish. Next time you make rice, just make double and set some in the fridge for this!


5 Responses to “Pineapple Fried Rice”

  1. Melissa

    This is awesome! I’m going to forward it along to Brad. Would you be able to tell me the number of calories per serving (and how big a serving would be) for this? Looks like a great meal! :)

    • SweatyGirl

      Of course! So I made :
      4 cups of rice : 825
      3 cups of pineapple : 220
      Assorted veggies : 25
      Wok oil (about 2 tbsp) : 260
      Teriyaki sauce (about 3 tbsp) : 100
      Total : 1,430

      One serving would be 1/4 of it, so about 360!
      Personally, I ate 1/2 of it for my dinner! :-)

      • Melissa

        Thank you! I am thinking maybe adding some pork chop to it as well, to make it more of a full meal. A tasty treat! :)


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