Juicing 101

I finally made for you a start-to-finish video about juicing. I know it’s long (almost 20 minutes!) but it does show you exactly the process I go through when making my daily juices. I hope you enjoy it! I’d love to know if you have any questions, or any requests for further videos.

Untitled from Sweaty Girl on Vimeo.

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  1. Melissa

    Great video! I watched it on my phone (and it crapped out on me with a minute left) but this was really good! I’ve seen you do it before, of course, but I still learned from this. I think you did a fabulous job showing the juicing process :) thanks for posting this.

    Also you’ve made me want to do a video for my blog…but I don’t have any great ideas yet!

  2. Eurasian

    I have mainly relied on making shakes (gets boring fast), have never juiced but have always wanted to. Had no clue about so many things.

    This video ROCKS! Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial, so many good tips: strategic maneuvers for actually operating the juicer and not making a mess. Tips for what not to use (I would have naturally used bananas at first), squash warning, AND apple seeds info (I always ate the whole apple)

    Couple of questions: Where did you get traveling sized bottles?
    Also, I’m sure it’s best consumed the day of, but how long can you store in refrigerator before it starts kicking? A day? Two?
    I loved your ginger tip, do you use anything else to “flavor” the juice?

    Again thank you! Can’t wait to start.


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